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Mary-Ann Opperman June 23, 2011
Very bad service
I ordered a bed from liquorish on 16 April 2011 and paid the order in full by 18 April 2011, I was told that delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks so I phoned on them on the 23 May 2011 I was told by Mokgadi Kutu that the bed will be delivered by 27 May 2011. The following I phoned again asking why the bed wasnt delivered Mokgadi put me threw to the supplier and they said that the bed was only ordered now and paid for. So I asked Mokgadi to give me back my funds and cancel the order. She said that I must send her an email with my banking details which I did. The following week I got a email from her stating the bed will now be delivered which didnt happen. Now I phoned hundreds of times and asked to Speak to Tim Reynolds who is just never available I was told to email him which I did but he never replied. apparently he is the owner. so I followed the on their facebook page whereI see on th reviews page that there is clients complaining about the same thing, ordering goods, and paying them but never receiving them. Now Mokgadi keeps on making promisses but never seem to remember what promisses she made. I spoke to Mokgadi on 20 June 2011 and she said payments will be made tuesday, which never happened. I dont want the bed any more I just want my money back. I really do think it is time that they see they cannot just steal from people. When I ask to speak to Tim he is never in or will be later but when you phone back still nothing they're just not there. According to gadgets and thing liquorish is the head quarters for them and that Tim is always at the head office. Today at exactly 23/06/2011 11h51 I spoke to Mokgadi again and now apparently the payment will be done today and Tim will only be in by one o'clock. Is there anything that can be done to stop these companies.

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Thanks to Dr Onobun
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