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mbrazil July 2, 2011
Bad experience
I installed two Decora Anywhere Switches on different circuits at opposite ends of the house. They are set to use different channels, and they don't interfere with each other at all.

However, they both are apparently sometimes triggered by other RF sources.

I live in a rural area, so there are not many homes and no industry or highways nearby. It seems as though signals from garage door openers, or other RF sources are causing the Anywhere Switches to turn on or off.

This happens often enough to make these switches just about worthless.

One of them controls a 300 watt light in the garage and I often find the light has come on when I wasn't in or near the garage. The light also goes out fairly frequently while I'm working in the garage. This seems to happen most in the late afternoon and early evening when people are getting home from work, so I'm suspicious that their garage door openers may be the sources of the signals the Anywhere Switches are responding to.

I'm surprised that these switches aren't designed with better signal discrimination and selectivity to prevent this sort of problem. I find it hard to believe that these could work reliably in any residential setting considering the number of other devices that generate RF signals that are common in and around homes these days.

When I contacted Leviton, they made excuses blaming other RF sources and said the only thing they'd do would be to test the switches for defects if I'd send them to them at my expense.

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