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Klz0 June 22, 2011
Bad service
I don’t know where to start about the horrible experience i had from visiting latitude 30. I could start with the 2 1/2 hour wait in order to be sat in the dining room, and when our party finally was sat it took us twenty minutes for a server to finally get our drink order. It then took another thirty minutes to get the drinks!!! Ten dollars for a signature drink really? All you could taste was the juice, not to mention by the time you get your drinks they are half water from the amount of time they spent on the bar. We waited almost another hour for our food to come out and when it did it was cold and wrong!!! I felt bad for our server since they were clearly over worked they had about six or seven tables they were handling with no help and they looked like they had been there for several hours without taking a break. Even worse we were sitting near the server computers and could hear the staff making comments about their tables over all the noise. They were using so much profanity that i sent my children to play in the game room to prevent them from hearing everything. Not to mention the racist remarks the servers were making when it came to African American tipping habits. I felt like there was a racial bias when it came to dress code and the lack of cognac and Hennessey being served. It is obvious that they are trying to exclude the business of certain ethnic groups. When i went to use the restroom later unsanitary doesn't even begin to describe the state of their bathrooms. There are no changing tables and it appears that they had installed the doors upside down and covered that fact by tacking on some wall paper over the grates. There was no soap and all the paper towels were soaked or thrown all over the floors. The floors themselves were sticky and half the restrooms were unusable due to being clogged. The wait for bowling was so extensive that we didn't even try, and the “arcade” was overrun with children and was quite small compared to what was advertised. The prices for the game cards were not very reasonable and an “activation fee” was applied upon purchase. Over all i think the concept is great but very poorly executed!! They were overpriced for the services they rendered. Hopefully in six or seven months the management will be able to get ahold of things, but i was not very impressed and i will not be going back there!!! I wouldn’t waste my time or money if I were you!!

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