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cowgrlup06 June 3, 2011
Incompetent Vets
Took my dog in for an ear infection she developed overnight (it was a weekend and my normal vet's office was closed). I took her to Klaich, which was the only place open, and the entire experience was horrible. The vet took one look at her (didn't look in her ear at all) and said she would have to be put under so they could get out whatever was in her ear. Without giving me a chance to respond, he told me I had to leave ASAP so my dog would be more compliant, and that she wouldn't behave properly with me there. Instead of using the leash I brought, he took off her collar, handed it to me, tied a rope around her neck, and VERY roughly dragged her down the hall before I could even say "See you later." There is always the possibility of not waking up when being put under, but I wasn't allowed to tell her good-bye.

Luckily, two hours later, they called me to pick her up. When I arrived and they brought her out, her tail was in-between her legs (I had NEVER seen her do that before, or since), and she had 4 stitches in her tail. When I asked what happened, they told me she was brought in like that, which I replied she most definitely wasn't. Then, after the vet assured me the visit and ear drops would only be $90, they attempted to charge me $300 for the stitches, which I refused. At this point, I had signed nothing and could have walked out the front door without them knowing anything except my name and number. Not to mention the vet didn't find anything in her ear. I paid the $90 and got out of there as fast as I could.

10 days later, I went to my regular vet to have the stitches removed. My dog was still on ear drops, but the infection wasn't improving. My regular vet applied a one-time waxy substance to the inside of her ears (which she did complimentary after I told her what happened at Klaich, but said she would have only charged about $15, anyway), and told me all I had to do was wipe the excess over the next couple of days. Almost immediately, the infection resolved. I have no clue why Klaich doesn't use this method, except that it costs triple the cost of the ear drops.

I have logged a complaint with the BBB against Klaich, and they are lucky I didn't sue for the mistreatment of my dog. How the hell do you take your dog in for an ear infection and get her back with stitches in her tail? Either someone shut her tail in a door, or she was put in a kennel with a violent dog.

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