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drnunu June 15, 2011
lousy service
I owned a KIA Spektra car.I replaced my car’s timing belt when my car mileage was 55561km at KIA authorized service outlet, Hong Wan Auto Sdn. Bhd (Teluk Intan). I then had to go back to the service centre for three more times within the 1st month due to problems such as slow pick up and jerky movement. These visitations were not recorded in my service book and they did not even have the courtesy to inform me what was wrong. Perhaps they think the car language was too complicated to a girl like me.
Not long after that I was transferred to Ipoh and I was only too happy to bring my car for service at another KIA service centre.
Recently, my car halted suddenly in a busy road in Gopeng. My car was towed to a nearby workshop in Ipoh. I was informed that my car sudden collapse was due to my timing belt which snapped into two. My mileage at that time was about 81000km. It was just 13 months and less than 30000km since I replaced the timing belt.
I was obviously unhappy as I thought that a timing belt was supposed to last for 60000km or 3 years whichever come first.
When I brought this matter to the Kia service Teluk Intan on 18th April, I was appalled at their level of professionalism. Not only did they not take my problem seriously, the staff actually LAUGHED at my case and said that they can’t do anything with my car problem.
I later received a call from Mr Bala from KIA Service Centre said that I could get my car to the nearest KIA service in Ipoh (which I’m OK with) for further assessment. He then changed his mind and called me to get my car towed to Teluk Intan. I don’t understand the complexity of this problem. When I first bought my car, I was told I can have my car serviced at any KIA service outlets confidently, but when this problem aroused, I have to bring my car back to the exact outlet that replaces the timing belt. Isn’t this time consuming and expensive for me? Does this means that not all KIA outlets have the same trained and skilled mechanic to access a car’s problem when it gives away? If I was transferred to Johor and my car gave way in that state, does this mean I have to get my car towed all the way back to Teluk Intan for the so- call ‘proper’ assessment. If I knew this, I would not in a million years buy a KIA car.
I was also informed that the warranty for a timing belt is 6 months or 10000km. We are all advised to replace our car timing belt at an interval of 60000km or 3 years, whichever come first. A part of top quality should give a warranty of at least half its life time.
I later summitted my complaint via email to the KIA Malaysia website. They called me up and informed me to bring my car to the nearest Kia centre in Menglembu to have a proper assessment. I sent my car on the 21th of April. I then received call from them informing what I already knew that my car’s timing belt snapped into two. They are looking into this matter and will get back to me on who should bear the cost of repairing. I have not heard from them until two weeks later Mr. Saidi, representative from the KIA headquarters called to ask me whether I was contacted by KIA Menglembu representative about my car problem. Wouldn’t he be in a better position to know the progress of my case? Do I need to monitor KIA Menglembu’s customer service’s job on his behalf? I am a medical doctor and have a time-demanding job and it is stressing me out getting around Ipoh without my car. I demanded an explanation from him as soon as possible. He stated that my problem was not that easy to solve as I had brought my car to other mechanic first and there might be a chance of foul play. He said that I should have brought my car to the nearest KIA outlet. I asked him if he has medical illness and is receiving treatment in KL and during his visit to another state like Kelantan and if he had an heart attack, does this mean he has to travel all the way back to KL or he will go to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment? He did not answer my question and made a very serious accusation against me. He said that by bringing my car to another workshop, there is a possibility that the car mechanic or I could have cut the timing belt on purpose. How stupid is that? In this CSI age, didn’t he know a purposely cut belt would have a smooth edge on the belt whereas mine has rough and uneven edges? I do not think they actually assessed the problem at all! They just want to shove their responsibilities elsewhere and save the trouble of replacing the timing belt at their own cost.
I later demanded a written report from KIA Menglembu on whether they think it’s a foul play. I also dared them to report this to the police if they think I’m that pathetic enough to cut my own timing belt on a busy road in Gopeng .En. Saidi informed me that they can’t do anything as I did not bring my car back to Hong Wan Auto Sdn Berhad (Teluk Intan) after the first 10000km since my timing belt replacement as this is essential for them to check if the timing belt requires any tightening. When my timing belt was replaced, they did not volunteered this information to me and I am sure not many KIA car owners know this. I did brought my car to KIA service outlet in Kulim for service after 10, 000 km since replacing my timing belt. Shouldn’t the mechanic check the history of my car service that was clearly recorded in the service book and checked the condition of the timing belt? This could only mean not all KIA service outlets have trained and skilled mechanics that adheres to the procedure of proper service. I demanded an official report on my case and my request was denied as they trying clearly trying to cover up their sloppy service and incompetency.
I’m really frustrated with NAZA KIA customer service. I felt compelled to advice all KIA car owners to bear in mind that once you service your car in a particular KIA service outlet, you have to commit to that outlet forever. You are also advice to drive within the perimeter of the service outlet. You have to replace your timing belt every 6 month or 10000km as that is what the warranty covers or your other option is to bring it to the same outlet every 10000km to have the belt tighten. If your car gave way during weekends, midnight or public holiday, please wait to have it dealt with on the weekdays during working hour and do not even think about sending it to the nearest workshop or else you shall be suspected of foul play.
All those out there looking to buy a new car, don’t waste your time and money with KIA NAZA cars. Look elsewhere for a car brand that has a renowned reputation with excellent after sales customer and technical service. What good is a car if the service is lousy?
Regretted owning a KIA car.

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