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PrincessMonas May 22, 2011
Causing the Death of my Yorkie Puppy
Keringa Petwings Caused death of Yorkie
We are from Namibia and I have been looking for the right breeder for yorkies since the end of last year and found the perfect one. The day my baby was born the breeder let me know all the excitement began. Choosing a name buying all the little things she needs and reading up about the breed as this would be the first time me and my family have had the breed of dog.
The breeder let us know we can get her when she is 9 weeks old. We asked her do we need to come to Pretoria to collect her so she said no we don’t have to she uses Keringa Petwings so I went and googled them and saw they have a really good reputation people are happy with their service and said to the breeder fine we will pay the 4000 rand to get her here through Keringa as they are the professionals and we want only the best or we will come down from Namibia and collect her our self.
Keringa Petwings usually collects the doggies from the breeders but our breeder said she cannot leave the baby with someone if she doesn’t feel it is a good place so she drove from Pretoria to Johannesburg to drop her off at Keringa Petwings.She let me know that everything will be fine they look very professional.
Saturday when the puppy arrived she was out she had no energy. So I thought they gave her something for the flight to calm her (which Keringa never let me know whether they do or don’t) we tried feeding her with a syringe the Saturday night we phoned the vet and she said if she is not better by morning we should bring her in as they have given her a sedative and if it is not worked out by then then we should bring her in. Morning 8:30 she DIED. The vet did the autopsy and she died of stress.
Keringa Petwings is supposed to check the puppies vitals and if she is not ready to fly they should not put her on the plane. They claim she was 100% fine when she left and in a 2 hour flight she went into a coma which is highly unlikely and in 24 hours from leaving them she died.
They take no responsibility .They don’t call us back we are from Namibia so we have to pay the international rate and they say we will phone back which they don’t. They say it is not them it was the breeders responsibility to send us n list of vital signs(even though you pay them as they have a selling point stating they have n vet on the premises who according to me can easily make us a list of vitals for each breed and send it along so we can be informed and things like this can be avoided).When I let them know she died they did not even say sorry to hear about it till the end of their investigation. They DON”T care for animals and they DON”T care what happened to them as long as they have their money in their pocket!
This is a life not a vase that broke in transit!

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