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Jungpuppy June 2, 2011
Sells Sick Dogs!
Jung Puppy Club is a horrible puppy broker in South Korea. He has sold puppies to the USA who have arrived to buyers with parvo, distemper, and many other problems including giardia/kennel cough and other ailments. The puppies he sells are photo shopped and do not look like real puppies in photos. He sells dogs and then refuses to replace puppies when they die within 24 hours to their new home. He makes false promises to replace dogs but, never does. I found out he buys his puppies from Korean Puppy Mills and also from puppy auctions held in South Korea and then adds a hefty price for them to sell to unscrupulous buyers. He is a liar and thief and needs to be known about. I can give you the name of two people who have done business with him and have been left with lots of vet bills and dead puppies. He is trying to get his name out in the USA to start selling dogs directly to the USA and we want everyone to know about him so the complaints start. He is working with two resellers now in the USA named Jina at Poshfairytail.com and also Ginger in California at Onceuponateapup.com. There is a video of his supposed nursery on Onceuponateapup page of his nursery but, my question is where are the adult dogs housed if that is his nursery? Also, with all the puppies on his website shouldnt there be more than just 3 puppies there. It is a total setup for you to believe he is honest and takes good care of the puppies. He is a fraud, liar and you will be sorry dealing with him or any of his resellers. I know a reseller who worked with him in the USA and he screwed her over by sending her puppies with parvo and then dropping her to move to other resellers because he did not want to replace the dogs. He is making lies up to say that she is angry because he does not want to work with her but, the facts are that he decided he did not need her anymore so he wanted to find other resellers so he didnt have to take responsibility for his actions in sending her healthy dogs. I am a third party in the this and a previous customer of hers and know what has transpired here. I have seen the emails that Jung puppy club has sent and lies he has told to buy him more time to keep her from destroying his name in the USA. We will be contacting every complaints board and forum. Also, going through the motions of contacting all government officials in regards to importing of puppies as well. Jung Puppy Club and S puppy are the same sellers in South Korea. Also, there is a vet you can speak to who has seen all the problems with Jung Puppy Clubs and the fight that was put up to save the puppies. Dont be fooled by his beautiful photos as puppies do not appear the same in the person as he over photos shops them to make them look like perfection when actually they do not. Be warned!

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