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nicolewass17 July 7, 2011
i volunteer w/ Jamie's Rescue
This is something I have decided to do in response to the complaint filed before because, I think it is only fair if someone decided to bash someone's name on the internet - they are prepared for the real story to come out.
This woman who made the complaint, who claims Jamie "pushed her best sales pitch" - it should be noted it was your children that wanted them, they begged for you to adopt them both & so you did - THE END.
Jamie had her reservations about this woman to begin with, because prior to this she had adopted 2 dogs & got rid of them down the road because it was "too much" for this mother. However, Jamie agreed to meet the family and give them a chance- after seeing how happy her boys were when they held those dogs, Jamie felt assured they would be getting a good home.
4 MONTHS down the road Jamie gets a call from this mother - claiming that it is "too much" for her and she needs to now bring the dogs back.
Anyone in Rescue will tell you finding a home for a puppy and finding a home for a MUCH bigger rescued puppy is really hard, none the less close to impossible to keep two big rescue dogs together.
Jamie agreed for the good of the dogs to take them back & told the woman there would be a $25 rehoming fee ( which goes to help with food & whatever is needed in their stay at the rescue ). This woman then pulls up gets out of the car w/ a friend and proceeds to drag the two dogs into Jamie's Rescue - once again separating her sons from dogs they definitely loved.
While this woman came in she left her purse in her car & told Jamie when she walked into the rescue she would not be giving her a penny. When this woman returned to her car - her window had been broken and her purse was stolen - QUESTION #1. who leaves their purse in their seat in MIAMI ??? & doesn't expect it to get stolen???
QUESTION #2. If this woman would have given the $25 rehoming fee which was THE RIGHT THING TO DO, would she of ever gotten her purse stolen???
I the volunteered actually pulled up as this woman was still there & had called the cops to make a police report - not only was I disgusted by her for what she did to those dogs - I can tell you she was not a nice woman.
For the record both dogs got GREAT HOMES & this woman even claimed that one was aggressive - & not only were they the sweetest most loving dogs - they both obviously ended up in a better place -
So SHAME ON YOU - for going to a public place like the internet and bashing a RESCUE that does amazing things for dogs & puppies that would otherwise never find loving homes or have a second chance.
p.s. not only is Jamie a cage free, clean, happy rescue - her adoption fee is actually lower then most rescues and all dogs come mircochiped, w/ vaccines, and spayed or neutered.
I hope anyone who read the above complaint - now has a better understanding

kim miednik May 10, 2011
dog rescue
Jamie is listed under 3 diff addresses. Once we arrived for the "boy"dog, she pushed her best sales pitch on my children explaining how you cant break up a family and the siblings need to be together. So after 30 min of begging from the kids I caved and left with 2 dogs!When it was time for them to get fixed, i was not able to drive my dogs to the "secret" clinic, nor be there for them when they came too. I was not privy to any information of there where abouts only that she has been doing this for yrs. and to trust her. After 4mo. of trying to make this work, we decided to make the 1hr. drive back to Jamie. She spoke on speaker promising my kids she would do everything in her power to keep them together. I couldn't even give the girl dog away, she was so territorial she was a liabilty for us. So promising the kids to keep the family together, we made the drive down there only to get my car window smashed into and 2 purses stolen within min of our arrival. She took the 2 dogs and within minutes left for lunch leaving myself and friend frantic, crying and to deal with police. she got what she wanted and left! so instead of doing what is best for the dogs who lived for each other, she cashed out and split them up! i also got a chuckle out of her videos "back in the day" of course she rescues the mommy dog because shes got a sack of gold in her belly! she is also the most expensive pet rescue around south fla. so if you use her remember she is a business woman first. Just by seeing her lack of compassion or concern for the situation that happened on "her property" makes me scratch my head how she has any concern for an animal?

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