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190 Sierra Ct #B, Palmdale, California, United States

Phone number: 1-661-261-4200

Insight Schools of California Reviews

raminus July 11, 2011
Poor Quality of Teachers
Warning to Parents of On Line Schools: Especially High School. This school seems to advertise more than it can teach a student. Just look at their advertising via internet. They employ un-caring and horrible teachers that no only work for Insight/Kaplan know K-12 School one of these teachers are available. They are only available during there hours of which could be 10:00 a.m. morning or 6:00 p.m. most of them are "Moon-Lighting". So the Student is left teaching him/or her self. Bad idea when it comes to on line test. Everything with the school is On Line Test, Work everything. There are no books and in 12th Grade English that Miss Mercer taught she informed the students mid semester May 2011 that there are late percent points taken off the grades. Yet when you read Insights Policy there are no late percents. Prinicpal Miss Jeter, send out a slanders e mail about our sons work and documentation should be kept on this student. What are these Admistrators and Teacher think they are???? They surely are not for the student, or they would help the student. We had a 12th grade year full of trauma, missiing work that had to be done over and over again, late policy in May 2011, and a interim Prinicipal that choose to single us out, and what did we do to deserve this type of education for our son? NOTHING! Please be advised that this is all documented and a letter was sent to the State Department of Education. As to why they call themselves a Charter Home School, with no Supervisor Teacher except one that send out email all day. No student or parent meeting in person as the
school is in Palmdale yet Palmdale School District does not acknowledge them at all. So take this all into consideration if you think this school will work because on line Education does not work, as there are no agencies "WatchDog" these schools, they are getting money yet they are owned by Phoenix, Kaplan and
just purchased by a K-12 Academy. Don't think the lap top and printer is great deal as your student will have to take at least 5 classes each semester and most students in there 11 and 12th grade want to take college bound classes. These classes ar e no UC SC certified and the teachers I have to wonder where there
creditials are? If you choose to do this on line school you better be aware that your student will run in all sort of issue with work, illegal teaching policies
and a prinicpal that scream and yells at you. Yet no one teachs the classes they are all computer generated so where is the learning?
Our student did graduate but the trauma that this school caused our entire family of expenses for extra tutors and ect. Was not worth it. There is no extra
activity for the seniors they did have a prom 6 people went, no year book and the graduation of which we did not go was held at some Cowboy
Musuem out in Newhall at 6:00 P.M. at night. They don't care about the students that go there or do they have any type of Parent involvement either.

So remember the name its all over the internet local news and papers they have money to advertise and the students that are in the advertisement are
young actors and actress. They are not students. Give one good comment about this school. Oh, yea the counselor is a job also, she was up North,
never gave any info except on type on line, about College, Jr. College enrollment, SAT where etc. So its a joke to have had her a part of the
12th grade year, she doesn't even know anything about this area or College's.
Again, another poor quality run school that is taking money from Taxpayers and a District and is getting money from somewhere.
If your student went to this school and received the same treatment please let us know!
As for today, we made it and it was not because of the school at all.
Shelia Shiebler is the Executive Director of which she does nothing to help a student or parent.
Linda Rosson left mid 2011
Supervisor Teacher: Miss Vickie left early 2010
None of the number for the school in Lancaster work, the only ones are the enrollment counselors who I assume work out of there
homes and at a call center.
Again do not enroll your kids in this school keep them in there Public or Private Schools at least if
you have an issue you can go to the District Office and complain.
Here the School District Lancaster/Palmdale wants nothing to do with this school
They come up for re-newal next year for there Charter lets hope they don't get it!
Parents and a Student (12th grade year)
Insight Schools of California/Palmdale Ca.

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