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residentsofkchs June 2, 2011
Land Grabbers
We are the residents living near the above mentioned business. Details of the business can be viewed on the web site provided. Our complaint is that the Land on which this business is established is semi-commercial(i.e residential and commercial) and not industrial. There is an amenity plot opposite to the property of IDEAL (Private) Limited Manufacturer and Exporters of Leather Garments which is dedicated for a public park to be utilized by the residents living in the area, but unfortunately by force and coercion the owners of this company have alot of times by means of bribery to the concerned authorities, land mafia, and links with notorious politicians managed to stop the park from being made and instead use the land as a parking space for their employees and as a terminal to load and unload raw materials and goods, thus depriving hundreds of children of neighborhood from a play ground/park.
The Company is a 100% export oriented organization and all it’s Products are Exported. The major export markets are Canada, Germany, France, U.K, Greece, Finland, Czech Republic and Australia. The Company’s Annual Turnover is around US $ 10.00 Million.
Contact Persons in Karachi.
Mr. Fawad Ijaz khan (Chairman):
Mr. Jawad Ijaz Khan :
Mr. Tauseef Razzak (G.M) :
Tel : +92-21-34542440, 34325567, 34524283, 34532315
Fax : +92-21-34532679, 34548135

Contact person in North America :
Danish Fawad Khan (Comapany representative, New York)
Tel: (1) 347-720-4267

It is our humble request to the buyers of above mentioned countries doing business with IDEAL (Private) Limited Manufacturer and Exporters of Leather Garments to stop patronizing them until they clear out the land they have encroached and turn it back into a park.
Thank you.
Residents of Karachi Cooperative Housing Society.

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