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arkon June 30, 2011
Horrible Customer Service
I ordered some items from amazon.com through this company, they do not have a computerized ordering system so they were not able to track my order. I called for a week after their allotted delivery time has elapsed and every day they assured me that my order would come in tomorrow. I sent emails with my order reference number that were never answered. I finally gave up and called after a week and they said that it had arrived but they had lost my address, so I went to pick it up.

When I got there I was asked for my order number more than 10 times before they could find my products, I waited for more than half an hour and finally got frustrated when I was asked the order number for the eleventh time, they had my products but they refused to give them to me saying that I was being rude. So after four weeks not only did my order not get fulfilled but now I have to find another option to get the products I need.

I have never seem a more disorganized business operation in my life, nor have I ever come across ruder or more incompetent customer service.

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