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DavidLovesSteelers June 2, 2011
Misrepresentation/Puppy Mill
Highcountry, is a 'Pro" website operator, (much of his time is devoted to web boards with 1000s of posts) has been breeding over 20 years, according to his site.

And over 10-12 generations which translates into Thousands of Dogs produced. Usually he has 15-20 dogs at all times.
While he claims to be a 'hunting'/working' kennel, he does not own any Hunting dogs at present, Nor has he hunted his dogs in years and for many generations.
This was outed on a hunting web board.

His 'hunting photos' of farm pigs being molested, fat sow hogs chasing and intimidating his dogs, on nearly 2 decades old-grainy pics.

Highcountry (Don Turnipseed), is excellent at marketing, as stated, he has produced a few thousand puppies in 20 years, but yet titles on his dogs are more Rare than a 4 leaf clover, other that a 'Therapy' dog (Dog that likes to be petted) and a basic obedience title.
Thousands of pups and has 2-3 titles to his kennel name. Thats it.

Highcountry for lack of a better description, is a small time Puppy Mill, no hip checks in that time, his females are never tested or hunted, they are only 'brood 'mares' confined to pens to ring the register for profits.
Its a Sad commentary for real working dogs.

Last time he tried to prove he had hunting dogs, he got a male dog killed.
He breeds decent looking, large conformation show- type dogs that he claims hunt, but has been exposed on many forums.

The Business of kennels like these are is related to one thing...Dollars.
His motive is profit, not working ability, improving the breed, not love of dogs or hunting dogs.

I had begun seeking a Working Airedale and began to do some research and was alerted to some things that I found troubling.

They are rare, but I have located a few are small time, Family Hobby hunting airedale breeders-small time hobbyists still working dogs, and that is where Im looking, unless I go to Europe to import.
If anyone else has any pertinant info, please share it as the dog community needs to police its own.
Thank you

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