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Birch River, West Virginia, United States


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Shazza1021 June 23, 2011
shepadoodle dog breeder
These breeders advertised two older shepadoodles who were housetrained, one whom they claimed was six months old and the other whom they claimed was ten months old. They said that both were of the same parents. I drove six hours to West Virginia in good faith to purchase one of their dogs. I came home with the dog on a Friday night and took her to the vet first thing on MOnday as she was extremely lethargic and very bony. She was infested with parasites: hookworms and whipworms. These breeders knew through phone and e-mail conversations that I have two young children and that hookworm is easily transmitted to people, and yet they still did not get them a fecal exam before selling us a dog. Worse, however, than parasite infestation is that this dog, though a hybrid of two intelligent breeds, has NO idea about where to go to the bathroom. There is no sign whatsoever of her ever having been housebroken in the least! She would at least signal in some way that she needed to go if she had been trained, after two weeks of us regularly walking her on schedule and praising her effusively for going outside. She still pees an poops in the house! Finally, they seem to have also lied about her age. They maintain that she is six months old, but two different vets on two separate occassions gave their opinion that she is closer to a year old, based on her teeth and the tarter build-up.

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