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psaw27 April 29, 2011
Discourteous Treatment
This guy or gal is the most hostile. belligerent person I have come across in my adult life. I believe I had a valid concern and a fair request. I was merely explaining how I came to a conclusion, and he became rather hostile. His/her ebay seller name is jamienminotjames. Below are pictures of 1) How the item was packaged; 2) The item in the ebay description; and, 3) The item I received.

Here is a transcript of our conversation via ebay and email:

1) Dear jamienminotjames,
Hi, I just received my order and I any going to return it. You represented the item as new, but it is not in any original packaging. Headphones with some plastic around them in a shipping box cannot be considered new. There is no manual or warranty information (as all new clearsounds items should come with a 1 yr warranty). I believe you misrepresented the item and should refund the entire amount paid, including shipping and handling. Thank you.
Dear my_sons_mom,
Hi, What is your real problem? You received exactly what was pictured and it is NEW! The packaging you received is original. It can be considered and is new. Stating that it cannot be considered such is strictly hour hang up and misconception. The headsets only are purchased in bulk from the manufacturer and they are not sold individually in retail packaging...nor was this ever indicated in any way in the ad. I can exchange this headset for another and you will receive exactly the same thing. You will not be able to purchase a ClearSounds headset only in retail packaging...It does not exist! These are intended as an additonal headset for existing systems. That is why they do not come with users manuals. I have sold dozens of them. You can download a user manual for the complete system on line. You can also register your headset on line for the manufacturers warranty. Your item is new and exactly as represented and pictured, you should have asked any questions about packaging before you made purchase if that is so important to you rather than accuse honest sellers of misrepresentation. I don't know how you can be any clearer than a picture of exactly what you received. Still I will refund your money upon receipt of the headset. However, I will not refund any shipping and handling costs as this is unreasonable and you received exactly what is pictured and promised.
Thank you- jamienminotjames
My responses to his statements (which are in quotes):
· "What is your real problem?" That the headphones do not seem to be new, as I stated.

· "It can be considered and is new." Just because you say it is new does not make it so. Most criminals "say' they are innocent, and just because they say it does not make it true. We are a society that needs evidence to prove something true. If the evidence does not support a statement, then the statement is considered to be false. Your item does not contain the evidence expected to support the claim that it is new. By Ebay's own definition, "New" is described as "unused, unopened, ..." which obviously implies that the product is somehow sealed. This item was open, and therefore it is reasonable of me to believe that it is not new.
· "Stating that it cannot be considered such is strictly hour (your?) hang up and misconception. " It is not unreasonable to expect that something which is described as new would look like it could be found in a store and, therefore, I would not even think to ask about the packaging. Go shopping sometime. You will always find electronics in a box or sealed plastic, and with paperwork. You in no way indicated in your description that this is a bulk item and therefore would not come with packaging nor paperwork. I would not call a normal expectation a hang up.

· "I don't know how you can be any clearer than a picture of exactly what you received" and "You received exactly what was pictured ..." About this you are totally incorrect. I went back and looked at the picture you posted on ebay. What I received is very different. I did not catch that at first, but I definitely knew something was not right with this item. I have included the picture of the headphones I received versus the ones in your item description.

My only goal is to only receive what I feel is right. I believe the item was misrepresented and therefore I believe it is right that I should be refunded the cost of shipping as well. I am merely explaining my reasoning, and if that offends you to the point of being hostile then it is you, sir (or ma'am), that has the hang-up.

Even so, it is not my goal to cause other people mental hardships and therefore, I will not insist that you also refund the shipping. A refund of $49.00 will be fine. I will ship this out tomorrow.
Dear my_sons_mom,
Just send it back. You are obviously out of control unreasonable. Ever notice how many times you use the word assume? You know what they say about that? Never have I had anyone call me a criminal or like one for sending exactly what is pictured and promised. You sir have "shopped" on line via a picture of exactly what you received. Everything else is an inaccurate "assumption" on your part. You "assume" this item has retail packaging...it does not. Nor is it available in retail packaging. Nor did I indicate or imply that it was in retail or sealed packaging. You "assume" that because it is not in retail packaging that it is not new. Who ever made up that law? You "assume" that I am hostile and I am not. In case you haven't noticed, shopping on line is done by the pictures. Have you ever shopped on line? I don't think so because you would know that you are buying just as pictured. If it was sold in the retail box...it would have been pictured that way. Everything else is your "assumption" and you should ask questions before you purchase something that is not pictured as you "ASSUME". You would have received a lot better response had you not "assumed" that I am a criminal, misrepresenting products, hostile and ignorant. People tend not to respond well to that. It would have been a lot easier if you would just admit that you probably bought the wrong product and thought you were getting a complete system or something different. If you really wanted what you purchased you would be using it with your system right now without issue. YOU DID RECEIVE EXACTLY WHAT IS PICTURED WITHOUT QUESTION. You are confused in some way, but I am not sure what that is. Just send the thing back and I will refund the whole cost shipping and everything. - jamienminotjames
Dear jaminminotjames,
As far as accusing me of just ordering the wrong thing, I do have the original system and here is a picture of the receiver and the original manual for it if you really want proof. The headphones stopped working. The picture you have on the ebay item description is the CS2001M model which is exactly the model I need. And when I originally bought that item, it came in a sealed box with a manual which is why I would expect another product from this company to come in the same fashion (unless otherwise stated, which you did not). Why is that an unreasonable expectation? What you sent me is the model CS2000M, a totally different and incompatible model. I didn't recognize it right away because I was so taken aback by the absence of packaging and the fact that it did not look new, that I marched right in to post on Ebay. I don't know how you can tell me that I got exactly what is pictured when that is totally untrue!! You need to check your stock because maybe the manufacturer sent you a different bulk item, and YOU assume they are the same. By the way, your first statement asks if I ever noticed how many times I used the word assume--the answer is zero. I didn't use the word at all. You used it six times. Also, I never accused you a being a criminal. Ebay doesn't arrest anyone for misrepresenting items. I was merely trying to explain my reasoning for requesting a full refund. But I appreciate the offer to refund the shipping as well.
Dear my_sons_mom,
You are extremely confused and or dishonest!!! The picture you sent is absolutely NOT WHAT I SENT YOU. I have NEVER CARRIED NOR SOLD WHATEVER THAT PRODUCT IS!!! If you return that product, I WILL NOT ISSUE ANY REFUND WHATSOEVER AND REPORT YOU TO EBAY FOR PRODUCT EXCHANGE FRAUD!!! I THINK I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO NOW. I hope you are only confused or mistaken and not that dishonest. I have very solid proof of what I sent you and it is not what you have pictured. I really hope you have just made a big mistake somehow and we both can laugh about this. Somehow you switched headphones with somebody...I have no idea. I promise you I will not refund one red cent if I receive the headphones you have pictured. Thank you.
- jamienminotjames
I this point I became irrate and sent him a message which I forgot to copy, but basically, I threatened to file a complaint with the FTC and Ebay. I suggested he check his stock because what is in my picture is what he sent me. As I submit this complaint, I have not heard back.

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