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37951 Johnsway Delmar Delaware 19940 , Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Phone number: 302-604-7577

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LizzG May 1, 2011
Brian Adams
Breeders and Buyers alike PLEASE do NOT deal with Brian Adams of Hairlessgems!

I made the mistake of selling one of my retired sphynx queens to this man, she was still young and had great sucess with her past litter so I agreed to sell her to him so he could start up his breeding program. He was very polite over e-mails and his website touched me as he had lost a child and I had also shared in that pain... Because of my tugged heartstrings I discounted $200 from her price and even worked with him by getting up at 4am so I could drive the queen to the airport and have her arrive at a time that would be good for him. I gave him explicit instructions (( that any experianced breeder would not have to be told )) to keep her in quarentine for no less than 1 month and give her time to recoup after her flight BEFORE putting her into a room with any other cats. He was told this several times before I ever even sent him the cat. LESS THAN 3 WEEKS LATER I see ads up on Hoobly for him trying to SELL the queen for much more than he paid for her and untrue information about her age and the number of kittens she had in her past litter. When I confronted him he simply stated, ' you can buy her back if you want to, she is mean." I asked him if he followed my directions and he did not, I told him it would take more than 3 weeks to get her used to a new home, new people, and new cats as she was older and required a TINY bit of working with before being written off. He stated that she was "satens cat" and he was trying to run a business." I told him I would take her back at my own expense if he was having so much trouble with him. He stated that he would either sell her or have to put her to sleep... Thats right... He would rather put her to sleep than let me take her back at my own expense than not make a profit!

He has also put up ads stateing that she comes with tica/cfa paperwork on Hoobly, they must be fake because she was un-redgistered at the time of sale and has NEVER had any kind of purebreed paperwork. She is Pet Quality only!

He has also Put up ads on Hoobly selling ANOTHER breeding queen some saying shes pregnate, others saying she had bred with the stud and is PROBABLY pregnate... There have been other ads where he asks outright for "help" getting papers on an un-papered sphynx... And still others spewing how if you send your breeder queen to him at his cost he will "go into business" with you and share half the profits from all that cats future litters!

I will be happy to forward all his e-mail corraspondance to ANYONE intrested in proof as well as SPAM e-mails he has sent to fellow breeder friends of mine asking them to send him cats and share profits!

His names on Hoobly is: krmryhc836 (( He also has at least 3 fake ones he uses to post fake priase about his own cats when people call him out on his shady dealings. ))

I would NEVER trust a kitten from his cattery nor will I ever make the mistake of working with him in the future!

~ Elizabeth Gunde ~

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