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Fabrice May 27, 2011
Service not delivered
On the 05/15/2011, I contacted the website Going-Offshore.com, because I wanted to use their services in other to open a US bank account.Two days later, I sent them the 139 EUR that they were asking for the transaction. However, because of a problem with the Western Union website, it is only on the 20th that they withdrew the payment.

Meanwhile, I realised that I couldn't obtain all the documents which are needed to open a US bank account.So even before they received my payment, I emailed them telling them that I wanted to open a Swiss Bank Account instead.

They accepted my demand without arguing and they sent me a link to swiss bank(swissquote.ch). In their email, they told me that after filling the online form, my account would be opened after 10 working day.

However, the bank(swissquote)latter denied to open an account for me, because my country (cameroon) is not on their list of recognized countries. When I informed Going offshore about that, they sent me to another swissbank ( BEKB Bank). However, after filling the online form, the bank inform me that I couldn't open an account there because I don't have a domicile in Swisszerland.

When I informed the compagny about that, they told me that swiss banks had changes their account opening requirements, and they asked me to go and choose another country on the list countries where they can open offshore bank account. I choosed Luxembourg.

However, a day after, they sent me an email with a link to an american bank(Wells Fargo). After reading the account opening requirements of the bank, I realized that I couldn't meet them because I don't have a passport and because I don't plan to move to the US.

I emailed Going offshore about that. But since then ( about two days ago), I haven't received a repply from them.Yesterday, I sent them an email, threatening that if they didn't reimburse me, I would file a complaint against them. But so far, I have not received any responses from them.

What do I do now ? Please help me to get back my money. I have the Western Union receipt and all our email exchanges, that clearly proved that I sent them the money but they did not deliver the service for which they were paid.

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