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holygirl5 April 27, 2011
romance scam
I am so thankful for the information l read here. I met an Eric Enas on a Christian dating site called fusion101.c0m. Lots have transpired for almost 5 months. I was checking this site about parcel scams and it got my attention. I also was given the names Michael Davies, supposed financial clerk at the kuala lumpur airport, and Abdul Mohemmmed, which is too similar and both in the same email, to help out my fiance to leave the country, he also has a 14yr old daughter, was from the UK, had a 2 week job in Malaysia, was extended 2 extra weeks, apparently he had his diary and credit card taken, wasn't able to leave hotel as the hotel took his passport. I sent him money to cover it, even though l did not have much, then when he got to the airport, he was being detained there because whoever hired him, did his paperwork and immigration saw that it was not genuine. The head of immigration was Abdul Mohemmed. send money to Michael Davies, the financial clerk at the WU at the airport. He said he had to sell everything to pay his way out of it, made arrangements with the person to pay when back in UK, but he still needed $380 USD. I told him l did not have the money. He was to be in Canada with his daughter on the 20th of April. I have not heard from him since the 19th. His daughter emailed, telling me that her dad left her in the UK and is probably in Canada with me. This has really hurt my family. How could l have trusted and believed in someone? Human nature is to see the good in people. When they have you hooked, then they go in for the kill. This man told me his name was Eric Enas, uses the email addresses of and He is the CEO of his own business in Aberdeen, UK, but no such listing. Could not find an Eric Enas online anywhere, also told me that his wife, infant son, and both parents were killed in an accident 7 yrs ago. Couldn't find anything online about that. Please beware. He even set up a facebook acct to get to know my friends before he came to Canada. Is he real or is he not. He is not, not after seeing these 2 names here. I did not send the money to Michael Davies, l sent the money to a Daviel Natasha, if anyone has heard of that name, please let me know. Thanks

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