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Labradoodlelover October 7, 2018
Scam artist
I am so disappointed and angered! I paid $10, 000...yes you are seeing correctly. Ten thousand dollars for a brother and sister “tiny teacup” yorkies. What a joke!! Don’t get me wrong...I love my baby girl and boy...they are a year old now. But my “tiny teacup” looks like a wiener dog with a yorkies head!! See photo...Judy is a scammer and a liar. Their coats are like wire...very course and will never have the soft coat like my little 13 year old. I purchased a yorkie from YorkieCastle in Ontario for $2500 and he is perfect. He is tiny, short legs, big eyes and beautiful coat...and he is 13 years old and the love of my life. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HER. THIS IS A BLATANT SCAM DIRECTED TO YORKIE LOVERS.
Nice girls finish last March 7, 2017
This lady is a money hungry, and manipulative!! No papers for pets!!! Who the hell would pay that much for a pet to not get Papers!!! She does the shots her self and the vet will make you redo them as she isn't listened to do that. Nor does she take her puppies to the vet.
Anna V7 March 28, 2016
Hi There, I purchased a puppy from FCS Precious Yorkies and she made false claims about the tea cup size. My dog is now 5.8 pounds. Judy charged me $3500 plus flight and transport $500 and said the dog would be 3-4 pounds. And actually told me that it was a teacup. Also I have a screenshot of her post on Facebook on which I saw my puppy to buy him in the first place. She is ignoring me now and does not want to acknowledge her false advertising by providing me some compensation. After I posted to her site because she wouldn't respond to me knowing that I was upset, she blocked me from Facebook and finally responded accusing me of harassing her. I have all communication from Day 1. Her service is nasty and rude. She lies and even told me today that I am the only person in her entire 18 years that has ever complained and demanded compensation. She told me I have a foul mouth and that essentially I am not even a good Dog Owner. She has blocked me from posting to her site. I will not give up. She takes advantage of her followers. I don't even believe those pics are real. My puppy didn't look anything like what I saw in the photo. When I asked her to take a pic of him before boarding his flight she gave me a bunch of lies about not being able to take pics because it takes too much time. BTW this was AFTER I paid her and he was being prepped for his flight. I just wanted to be cautious incase something happened on his flight. Please be aware. I do not recommend dealing with this breeder for any reason. Terrible experience. Thankfully our puppy is a sweet lovable dog but he is def. not what I was told I paid for. By the way, Judy also told me that she bases the prices on size and looks. And now that I told her that it wasn't what I paid for, she insists that they are just estimates and that she is not God. Well, then I asked her why she charges up to $7500 for a puppy and when I told her that that is also just estimating and a lot of money for that she tried to attack me and my character. She is one very nasty, dishonest and manipulative person to me.
Teaa June 23, 2010
This lady, Judy Dostal, is a manipulative liar. She tries to take advantage of people by charging ridiculous prices for her sick puppies. And she is an evil scam artist. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HER!

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