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Oslo, Norway

Euroteam Reviews

KimALarsen July 7, 2011
FAKE company
FAKE company - promises tickets but never have these. DONT EVER BUY FROM EUROTEAM - complete waste of your money.

All promises made by this company are never kept - stay away !!!
annie densham June 8, 2011
ticket sales
This company should not be in business. I ended up never receiving tickets to a concert and having to try and get my money back from my bank was a nightmares. I never managed to talk to anyone in the company about how they duped me. The bank did eventually reimburse me but it took a lot of hassle and 7 months of waiting and wondering. Euroteam make it look on their web site like they are fraud-protected, etc but they are a TOTAL BUNCH OF CON ARTISTS AND YOU SHOULD READ THE ON-LINE COMPLAINTS ABOUT THEM FROM PEOPLE WHO NEVER RECIEVED TICKETS OR LOST THEIR MONEY TO THEM. It is totally amazing that this company manages to remain trading - why are they not shut down??????????
Sally Molloy May 17, 2011
World cup rugby tickets
World cup 2011 rugby in New Zeland - i paid 5000 US dollars for rugby tickets which i do not know whether these will ever be received. i have just learned of this scam site. please help...
Fernando Almeida May 15, 2011
Non deliverance of tickets – The basic Euroteam fraud
I bought online on February 2011 one ticket for March the 25th Roger Waters concert in Madrid (140€+30 deliverance fee). The deliverance would be at my address in Lisbon between 4/3/2011 and 18/03/2011.
Meanwhile I realized that it would be impossible to go to Madrid on that day, so I found a local buyer for the ticket. In spite of my mails the ticket did not arrived to Lisbon on time.
On March the 22th, I received a email from Euroteam informing that the ticket would be delivered “near the stadium” on the day of the concert. They asked my mobile phone number apparently forgetting that they had it already. I did not leave Lisbon but they never called me.
Then I asked them a compensation because the non deliverance of the ticket prevented me to sell it. They invoked their terms and conditions.
At last I demanded the refund of the 30€ Euros of the deliverance fee. They were supposed to answer in 24 hours but they never answered.
According European Consumer Centre (EEC), Norway, there are hundreds of similar complaints every year. Don’t be the next one in the line !
Beverley South Africa January 10, 2011
I purchased 6 tickets from a very helpful Rahat who worked at Euroteam for the Lady Gaga concert in London. The total cost of the tickets cost 930 pounds. We specifically went to London to see the show from South Africa. We were told that the tickets would be delivered to our hotel the day before the show. We never received the tickets and are waiting for them to refund our money, but have to subject ourselves to their contant lies and deception! For example, we have heard numerous times of how the lady who does the refunds is away on leave and will be back soon!!! These guys are huge crooks!!
arnik January 6, 2011
I have bought 2 tickets in November'2009, for the U2 Concert in Coimbra, on the 2nd October, through this company.

They have not provided the tickets, though they have communicated the fact one week in advance. In that case I accepted the refund, despite the fact that I waited several weeks to receive it back.

I have persisted. I have made several complaints through the internet and I finally got the money back. I am more than grateful to all "complaints sites", which have helped me give awareness of these facts.

To other consumers, please make use of your consumer rights.
LyndaC December 28, 2010
Scamming on Concert Tickets
Why is this company still allowed to operate? I bought and paid for U2 tickets in Dec 2009 for the Paris concert in Sept 2010. Included was also acharge for a courier service. 2 days before the concert they asked for a new delivery address, ie the hotel where I would be staying. The day of the concert they said they would deleiver to teh gate, then they had cancelled the tockets as their provider had let them down. What seemed to be a reasonably legit request to fill out a form for a full refund. This I did not once but 3 times and despite numerous calls where the team were extremely rude, and several mails, one year and one week later I still did not get my money back. What can we do to stop this and even get my money back?
yeshayahu December 5, 2010
Concert Ticket Scam
I arrived on Thursday December 2nd in Milan, after taking a 4 hour international flight, expecting to receive my tickets for the Lady gaga show tonight (December 4th at 7:30Pm). My credit card has been charged in full on November 15th!!! and the tickets have never been delivered to my home address. They contacted me via e-mail asked that I provide the Milan hotel address which I did on November 22nd (Never at any point did they mention that they do not have the tickets). However, they never delivered it to the hotel either yet they called on December 3rd and said that due to a delivery problem I will have to pick it up before the show (and they will call me two hours beforehand with the exact location for the pickup). However, they never called (and there is no way to call and inquire with them) and obviously my daughter and I (This was her Birthday Gift) did not get to see the show.

This is a scam (not an Unusual or “unique” business practice - as described in an ECC warning whose link is attached as the money has been collected in full when they knew that they could not provide the service. This is a Norwegian company and that should be stopped as I have just realized (after searching the web…) that I am not the only such “Victim”.
shift007 November 25, 2010
ticket scam
I buy 3 tickets for match arsenal-birmingham and like other people i didn't get tickets.they said that i will get refund in 4 never transfed on my ccount.they didn't answer on my phone calls and emails.go on my bank and provide chargeback process with mastercard company.i get money back on my account within if anyone get scamed of those bastards from Norway get immediatly on bank and provide chargeback process and withdraw your credit card and ask for new one.other solution for EU costumers is
i hope that this will help people who been scamed from those bastards
Berkay ocal November 23, 2010
Not delivered the concert tickets
I ordered 3 lady gaga Prague concert tickets from Internet and I paid 300 euros (including shipping) with credit card. before transferring tickets to me I sent mail to them to able to get tickets without problems. but tickets didn't delivered to given adress.after that I send many e mail to them for an explanation and to able to get my money back but they didn't reply to me.if this company is a swindler why they are selling tickets and why nobody obstruct them. I spend 600 euros to able to go to this concert who will solve my unjust...

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