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Grover Loving March 13, 2010
Phony Diplomas not worth the paper they are printed on
European University

Strangely absent from the homepage of the European University is the name of its original founder, the Belgian conman Xavier Nieberding. His leadership is a chapter this institution would very much like to forget. Xavier Nieberding founded the European University in 1973 as his personal get-rich-quick scheme. Give us your money and we will give a piece of paper that we shall call "a diploma" that has no academic value whatsoever and isn't even worth the paper it's written on. The people who fell for this con were mostly students from Third World countries like India and Indonesia who, when they heard the terms "European" and "University" mistakenly believed that they were investing their money in a prestigious academic institution. Instead, conman Nieberding had simply chosen a catchy phrase that's completely in the public domain. Students were put through a series of pseudo-lectures that had nothing to do with the real business world but instead provided the cover to give the appearance of study so that their gullible third world parents could be separated from the last of their savings. Ever the sly conartist Mr. Nieberding cleverly succeeded in talking several lower institutions at the other end of the planet who had never heard of him into exchanging credits and classes. Unknowingly, these institutions provided Nieberding with the much-needed superficial appearance of legitimacy. The con was so successful that the business was franchised out to others who opened up "campuses" of their own in different cities all across Europe. Nieberding collected from them as well. As time passed by, however, word got out and no credible academic institution wanted anything to do with him. Eventually, he was kicked out of various academic institutions such as the A.A.C.S.B. when the number of complains about the European University grew simply to big to ignore. Nieberding and his underlings continued to make false claims that they were still the member they had once been. And as long as the money kept coming in from gullible Third World students like India and Indonesia, his operation continued to make a profit very much at the cost of those who had been tricked into sending their children there. By 1997, the Belgian school authorities had received so many complaints that the Belgian Parliament stepped in and held hearings. Xavier Nieberding immediately fled to Switzerland where he is suspected of having secretly transported large sums of money to avoid paying his full share of taxes. The multitude of complaints and grievances brought before the Parliament was so serious that the Belgian authorities decided to make use of a little known Belgian law, and as an official act of Congress, took the school away from him. Xavier Nieberding was forced to resign and the European University was given a new management. And ever since then Xavier Nieberding has become the laughing stock of the Belgian educationary system. His dream of ruling over an empire of schools shattered by an official act of Congress, Xavier Nieberding's sphere of influence is now confined to the European University's former headquarters situated at Jacob Jordaenstraat 77, Antwerp, Belgium, where the single school he allowed to run is today known as the rather insignificant "International School of Management" and also as " The International Management Institute". No serious scholar of business would want to waste their time there. As soon as the new management of his other campuses still operating under the name "European University" discovered that the personnel of the various academic institutions they had once been kicked out of had changed, they simply reapplied and reinstated a new membership with a new personnel that knew nothing of this applicant's ugly and deceitful history. Because its practice of making false and misleading statements unfortunately continues to this day, prospective students contacting the European University are advised to verify any of the claims that they make directly. Contact the institutions that the European University claims to be "a member of" or "in touch with" in person any verify anything that they claim to be with directly with whomever they claim it to be with. Obtaining payments and fees on the basis of deliberately false and misleading statements is fraud and those who perpetrate it can be criminally prosecuted for it. Whatever (for lack of a better term) "diploma" they issue still has no value whatsoever. Neither academic, nor in the real business world, where this institution and anyone showing up with a phony pseudo-degree from them is simply considered a pathetic joke.

A few links with more info:

VLAAMSE RAAD - Flemish Council
At this link, on page 1058, the Flemish Council (Vlaamse Raad) discusses the European University's "illegal competition" by which they promise and sell authentic academic degrees
but merely deliver a piece of paper not worth the paper its written on
with no academic credit or recognition whatsoever.

At this link, a Dutch book is being sold that alleges Nieberding has "mafia-like" connections
that allegedly even reach into the Vatican.

More Info on the European University:

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