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25 Enterprise Center, Newport, Rhode Island, United States

Phone number: 1-800-644-3327

Embrace Home Loans Reviews

PascagoulaPotters May 18, 2011
We received a mailer from Embrace Home Loans offering a re-finance. This seemed to be an attractive offer and the representative, Chad Hickman, was very helpful initially on the subject of our refinancing. Oh yes, it would be a great think to do, considering we already have excellent credit. We paid the $375 on credit card for the appraisal. Some guy turned up in a beat up pick-up truck and appraised our home at 1/3 of the price it was worth. Comparing the prices of other homes in the neoghborhood (2 of which have to be sold for very little because ole people need the money to be in nursing homes, and the third was foreclosed on).. I spoke to this representative this morning and he told me that we could only get what people would pay for the house. However, I have since spoken to Wells Fargo to see if we could dispute the charge and they have told me that these people are working a scam. A house is not appraised on forclosed properties in the neighborhood, it is appraised at what it is worth, and strangely enough, our home, which was appraised in 2007 at $110, 000 and has been improved since then, sits amongst properties that are worth anything from $157, 000 to as little as $80, 000 depending on how much people want to sell them. The appraiser gave a vlaue of $50, 000 and stated that the house had not been improved since we had moved in, funny, he seemed to miss the newly tiled screen porch and the tiles waiting to be laid in the kitchen and utility room, and also compared our home 2, 300 sq ft to one which is 1, 000 sq ft and has been sitting empty for a long time because the owners are old and just need as much money as they can get to live in a nursing home. I have been in that house and seen it, there is no comparison. Do not have anything to do with Embrace Home Loans, they are charlatans, they will not answer my phone calls, and have now made it so I can't log in to see the appraisal I paid $375 for. I will be going to the tax assessors office locally and then taking them to the small claims court, as I was advised to do by the lady at Wells Fargo.
MA Pruette November 17, 2010
They take your money and won't call you back
I called Embrace Home Loans about a mortgage after receiving an offer in the mail. After I called, they immediately charged me $375.00 for a mortgage appraisal. I have tried to get them to return my phone call now for over 2 months with no avail. I believe thay have scammed me for the $375.00... I have also called and left messages with my account managers, manager with the same results. Today I called and asked to talk to the President David Noyce. They wouldn't transfer my call, making me wonder if the individual even exists. I received a response back from them today through my complaint with the BBB. They still will not answer my call, goes to voice mail, and will not return call. This company is bogus. Stay clear of them, Do not give them your credit card information. SCAM...

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