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MaryMichelle July 5, 2011
Fianancial Aide-Administration
I am currently a student at ECPI-charlotte in the Medical Administrative Program I'm attempting an Associate Degree. Technically I graduated June 5, 2011. My issues are that administrative officers are enept, the financial aide department is crooked as evidenced to me when they made me return moneis that never made it back to the lenders, and later refunding the monies to me, only because a higher power uncovered that the funds were still in thier posession. They refuse to give me access to my own funds but constantly charging for items that have no origin, in other words they make charges for which do not account. They refuse to give me an accounting of my money both borrowed and recieved by ECPI. The Federal Government allows for the student to borrow money for room and board and other school related expensesfrom thier UNSUB loans, but ECPI wont let you borrow directly, nor will they account for any debited amounts. The whole program is a rip-off and by the time the student can figure this out you have spent copious amounts of money and then they start trying to keep you in school longer so they can continue to get every available dollar you have. In my 15 months, they withdrew me when they had other options and then they want you to pay to come back.The Grading system is so bogus as to be on par with the "Magic Bullet theory; unbeleivable!!! Most of the teachers have no real world experience in what they teach, only took the class maybe and worked in a related field.They have been known to show complete bias for one group of students and tell another group they cant do or say whatever the other poeple did. Once I was treated like a complete criminal, was told to put my purse at the front of the class, because someone at the university of Maryland had a cheating ring. We are charged for books we cant keep, and they wont let us have the books to use on our time, for more than the days school schedule, this in a Coding &Billing class;(How can You learn to code with no ICD-10) book to look for the codes.) where I already knew more than my Instructor taught me. A complete waste of money. No faculty advisors whatsoever, at this school All the Instructors talk to each other about everything a student says or does;even adding to things on occassion.They act like a bunch of sub-contractors always trying to undercut the other guy!
Students have no voice or recourse, and The Federal Government is allowing this to continue. If we could have a class action suit I would gladly sign right up.. When will someone put a stop to ECPI? Who do I have to invoke to see some change?

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