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31584 Eleys Ford Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

Phone number: 540-399-1982

Eagle Hill Equine Rescue Reviews

kim August 22, 2019
After years of complaints, this "rescue" is finally shut down and all remaining starving horses seized. https://www.fredericksburg.com/news/local/culpeper-farm-surrenders-starving-horses/article_2e4d301d-2487-5b4c-aceb-810dd62cc26c.html
volunteermanytimes January 6, 2011
The Firing Of Her Trainer While Injured.
I recently heard that Kent (the trainer) for Eagle Hill Equine Rescue was fired, while recovering from a near fatal accident on her farm. He had to be flown to MCV Hopsital by helicopter after being kicked in the elbow and liver trying to save a horses life. This is a very hateful and cold thing to do to a man that has made tremndous changes to this farm. I have been a volunteer to this place on and off for three years and know all of the drama and everything that goes on with that place but, up until now, i chose to stay out of all of that and do what i could to help the horses while i was there, but this that has happened to Kent i cannot keep quiet about and nor should anybody else that really cares about the health of a horse. Yes, he has a background and has admitted to it, and i checked it out, and it appears that the man did alot more to pay his debts to society than he should have. Before Kent came to the farm, there were no professionals there that knew anything about horses that were on the pay roll. I have watched this man single-handedly with few volunteers that know anthing about horses until his girlfriend came along and them two got the horses feet, trimmed on a weekly basis, kept up with all the worming schedules, making sure everything that needs to be done gets done the best they can. Kent is an excellent man with the horses, he is awsome to watch work with them, and he is excellent with the people and kids that come out to the farm. His main number one concern has always been the health of the horses and the safety to the horses and the volunteers. Last winter, the man worked 7 days a week with a broke leg from Nov. to Mar. through the blizzards and all and even stayed at Annie's to make sure they got through the storms okay. He never asked for anything extra, and it seems to appear that a woman that is supposed to have so much heart and care running a rescue is one of the coldest people i have ever met in my life to fire a man after all he has done to help them just after he gets out of the hopsital. People, i am sorry for being kept quiet for the past three years, but this situation really needs all the help it can get from the community to try to get Kent back on the farm, if not the horses are going to go back to dying in large numbers. (Keep in mind that before Kent had started to work there about 50 horses a year dying, and in the last year only 4 horses died due to colic and injury) Kent never goes on these websites and doesn't know i'm doing this but my kids and I need anybody's help that is willing to help me do this. The man is a good man and we all have made mistakes and learned from them, but this man is just too great of a man with animals and kids which Eagle Hill is supposed to be all about to let get away from all the animals and kids. Annie, you should be ashamed of yourself, you were all about giving horses and people second chances, but you didn't give this man no chance. You fired him after he gets out of the hospital, and got up enough strength to come see you and the horses. I heard he came to you to let you know what day he was coming back to work (still injured) and you fired him because of something so minor that his son did using his father's name. Sounds to me like there was some sabotaging going on, because Annie has always spoken highly of this man. Annie, take a look back at your place and everything that was going on before Kent got there, and now look at the place, and look at how healthy and fat the horses are. Not only is Kent an excellent trainer but he knows how to manage a farm as well. He has done alot of farm work there and only wishes to train horses, but he does the farm work as well for the benefit of the horses. Annie, i think this will be your biggest mistake since you've had that farm, i wish you would hire the man back for the sake of the horses. With him being fired it has also caused him to have to lose his home which will leave him and his animals homeless in several weeks. Anyone that is willing to help with this situation, please contact Annie and let her know what a huge mistake this is !!
againstfalserescue May 21, 2009
Inhumane treatment of animals
This "rescue" is run by Ann Delp. Her efforts began legitimitely, rescuing pregnant mares used to make hormones for pharmaceutical companies. (See newspaper article here: http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2004/052004/05172004/1321870 ) However, the conditions of the farm, and the animals on it, have deteriorated over the years.

Now, Delp obsessively focuses on rescuing foals, which are a byproduct of the racing industry. (See newspaper article here: http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2009/042009/04232009/461027 ) I believe the reporter who wrote this article does not know much about horses, or she would have walked out in the field to do some fact checking for herself. The conditions at Eagle Hill Farm are atrocious. The 40 acre property holds somewhere around 150 horses, possibly more (estimates once reached 180 animals). Almost all of the fields are dirt, with no grass for grazing.

Although Delp generally has a bad reputation in the Fredericksburg, VA horse community, local authorities have had trouble pinning anything on her. Animal control requires food, water, shelter, and necessary veterinary and other care (farrier work, for example) to be provided for animals. There are no regulations for pasture management to maintain proper forage for the animals. Also, Delp has successfully evaded prosecution by pretending that animals in poor condition are recent rescues. Horses that have been at the farm for years, languishing in unacceptable conditions, are given new names and exploited for publicity. Delp shows off these "recent additions" to her herd and explains to the public that their previous owners did not take care of them and that is the reason they are in such poor shape. What everyone doesn't know is that these animals have been on Delp's farm for years, unable to thrive.

Another tactic Delp uses to evade trouble is to move the most underweight and despondent horses to fields off of her property. She has a free lease on two fields across the street from her farm that Animal Control, conveniently, doesn't know about. Lucky for Delp, Culpeper Animal Control calls her a day ahead of time and lets her know they will be coming to do a farm check. This allows for enough time for the saddest cases to be hidden away.

Horses are allowed to breed freely at this farm, and babies are born "unexpectedly" every once in a while. I suspect it is Delp's irrational love of baby horses that drives her to delay geldings for years.

The following unacceptable things have been witnessed:

Horses going lame from lack of hoof care
More foals dying than being adopted
Horses dying from living in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions
More focus on bringing in new horses than adopting existing ones out
Inadequate forage (grass or hay)
Inadequite parasite managent (bot flies and worms)
Blatant disregard for animal comfort and wellbeing
Uncontrolled breeding of horses and other animals
Pollution of local water body from waste runoff
Hoarding of animals being disguised as rescue

The list could go on and on. It disgusts me that this organization is allowed to continue. Ann Delp believes she can do whatever she wants to these animals because she has been, thus far, unopposed. She has lied to hundreds of people, including law enforcement officers and members of the public who genuinely care about animals. She is gratifying some personal need with her pseudo-rescue, instead of providing horses with a better home.

I beg you to do something about this. Go see for yourselves and call Culpeper Animal Control at 540-547-4477 and let them know what you think. Call the Free Lance Star at 540-374-5000 and tell them this should not be allowed to continue.

Please stand up to Ann Delp. She must not be allowed to hoard any more animals.

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