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Ohswano July 13, 2015
Feel free to contact me if you want an honest answer
My e-mail is if you really want to know how bad this company is...honest answer!
Ohswano July 13, 2015
To the WORST Customer Service Department EVER
I am a regular customer of your shipping company. I ship goods for my manufacturing company for the last 2 years. I buy goods on a regular basis say on a weekly basis. Any delays or errors in the shipment cause me and my customers great inconveniences. I have enjoyed your services for a long time and I am glad that complaints have been minimal to date. I request the customer service department or anyone else conserved to cater to my complaints below so as to avoid further inconveniences to me and the company. We work together for the benefit of each other.

I have one case that has caused me a lot and I have sent emails regularly for this. I bought my goods as usual 2 weeks ago. It being a weekly shipment that I do, my goods were to arrive at the manufacturing company a day later. Since I had bought them on Monday, I expected my language on Tuesday as usual. This did not happen as by Wednesday in the afternoon I did not have my cargo. These were goods to be used as from Friday to prepare goods for the following week's sales. I tried contacting you company through the contacts available on your websites but it took more than 5 hours before I got a reply from you. I would please request that you learn to give quick responses to people. With a fast running economy people cannot afford to get late and slow.

It came to my knowledge through another company that my goods were shipped to them. Yes it was an error in shipment but instead of the shipment company to quickly check what had happened to my cargo and give me a feedback, it had to be the other company responding. These demonstrate some level of negligence or weak systems in the shipping company. I made a request to the shipping company to ship my goods from the named destination to mine but it took a lot of time to ship them. It was getting late for the production. The communication systems are not efficient especially when a correction has to be done.

I had almost tried to come up with other means of transport when I received a feedback that they are sorting out the problem to ensure that the goods are correctly delivered at my location. All the forms were correctly filled I cannot tell what brought up such a big confusion. The address to which the goods were delivered is not in any way similar to my address. The error raises a question of how well the logistic systems are operated and regulate to avoid such instances.

The goods finally arrived but to my great disappointment the goods were damage and with no relevant documents that are supposed to be attached to them. The damages cannot be ignored as almost a quarter of the items were damaged and needs replacement. A request for an explanation of what really happened was not answered rather I have been asked to cater for my damages and some extra freight cost charged. This is quite unfair for a long time customer. It should be bared in mind that it is the companies' fault that they should cater for the damages. There should be goods in transit insurance to help insure the company and also insure other customers like me who might be affected in the near future. The challenges faced this week with my cargo have led to greater losses in my company as production slowed to a point of stopping due to lack of the products required.

Copies of supporting documents have been attached to support my claims. I request that I be compensated for the loss I have incurred especially on the goods damaged and the additional charges that I had to pay. The shipment company should improve on their operations to ensure no such errors occur and once they occur they should be remedied fastest possible. Above all there should be an effective communication with the customers with immediate feedback to ensure no inconveniences are encountered by the consumers who depend so much on the services.

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