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Greogory April 22, 2011
Prescription Medication
I tried ordering a specific prescription medication over the internet. The website I used, with the phone number of 877-778-9290, routes U into a boiler room in Manilla, PI. This boiler room setup claims to represent over 200 companies worldwide. My particular medication was coming from Canada. In short, the product I received was fraudulent, a sugar pill. I called the company back and they indicated to use this number from the USA in the event I had questions or concerns in the future. That number is: 866-503-0727. The bill on my credit card was charged to "Whole Pharm".

After a second attempt to "Fix" this issue, a re-shipment was made. It arrived with the same exact fraudulent medication. Discounts Pharmacy has a "30" day money back guarantee. I called and spoke with several individuals at in Manilla's boiler room of phone takers during a period of 3 weeks. I also contacted my bank who directed me appropriately to get them involved for disputing the charge if they failed to reimburse me my refund in full.

Each Rep I spoke to over-seas indicated my monies would be returned if my secondary product was deemed faulty. All of my conversations & shipments received were conducted in the month of April / 2011. When I called back, the rep I spoke to on my last conversation, "Marcos" he tried to get me to use another vendor. I stated "NO" that was not an option and I indicated, "I wanted my transaction cancelled and a demand for 100% reimbursement to my credit card". The rep stated, I would be now classified as "Blacklisted" from ordering any additional products from the 200 websites they represent in the future because I was cancelling my order. That was fine with me. Shouldn't the company or USA shipper be "Blacklisted" not the consumer / victim?

The company who shipped to the product to me in the USA is;

3334 Longbeach Rd #161
Oceanside, NY 11572.

This owner of the busines, "Craig" of the "Postal Service: only rents a mail slot to a&sinc. He stated many packages were being returned to a&sinc deemed "Refused". The owner is not associated with this company at all. His company is called, Express Pking Center, located in Oceanside, NY, and his sends out UPS, USPS and Fed Ex packages and was fully cooperative and has no connection with a&sinc. His number is: 516-255-0727.

I am working with Bank of America dispute department and they advised me to send the product back to "a&sinc" via USPS which I did today, 04-21-11, for tracking purposes and confirmation of receivership. By law this over-seas company, Whole Pharm, has 15 days, not business days, but 15 days to refund my monies or my bank will go after the over-seas merchant's bank for reimbursement. I was told numerous times, my medication did not need to be returned by the boiler room in the PI since I deemed it defective.

My bank stated if I did not send the product back after contacting the company, they could not get involved for 30 days. Thus the reason I spent $5.00 to ship it back via USPS as that it how it was shipped to me. The over-seas company would not ID themselves and said they would refund my monies in 8 to 12 business days. I informed them they had 15 days, not business days, per my banks' policy to get my monies back.

In conclusion, DO NOT ORDER PRODUCTS FROM THE WEBSITE I used. I would be highly cautious to order any medications from a an over-seas boiler room in the future. IT USED AS IT IS A SCAM. THE USA, COMPANY "a&sinc" with the PO Box of 161 with the above listed address is a part of the SCAM as well. They may be receiving the proper medication and switching it out with the sugar pills who knows. They are connected to (Whole Pharm) and a&sinc has no contact info telephone number.

Greg - Florida, USA

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