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RockyNFlorida June 22, 2011
After I paid direct IN ADVANCE, for nfl ticket, they did NOT deliver the service from week 1 to week 17 I had to call them for 1 to 2 hours EVERY SUNDAY for them to turn it back on! EVERY WEEK I spent HOURS with their idiot techs and operaters and got very little help. When I fired them I called and got a payoff amount from their operator and paid it off. The very next month they told me I was late on my bill, thw 2nd month they called me consistantly but hung up 90% of the time I answered.I explained 7 times that month that I fired them they would finally read the noted and agree every time thats when they called me 5 times a week for the 3rd month and 5 times on the day of my fathers funeral to tell me I was now 4 months late. I finally got them to find their error after more hours on the phone and they finaly stopped calling me 5 months later DIRECTTV SUCKS!!

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