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Dewey evans April 28, 2011
My names is Dewey Evans, I was defrauded by Davis and associates for 16 thousand dollars this is a true statement, so help me god. I was sitting behind my desk going through my emails, and Davis and associates sent me a email" if you have an invention please contact us"So I called them up and this is what they instructed me to do. Send us seven hundred dollarsand we will review your case and paperwork and see if our company will accept your invention. A week later Curtis Carlton, called me and said Davison and ass. Approved your invention. So then they told me to send then fifteen hundred dollars to begin work.

Two weeks later they mailed me a list of all their propositions which was for for propositions.

There were four separate choices for me to choose from.
One was an option for $165.00 per hour plus expenses

Another option was $15835.00

Another option as well was $13835 plus five percent royalty assigned to Davison.

Finally the last option was $11835 plus a ten percent royalty to Davison.

Unfortunately Davison charged me $15835 plus one and a half percent which I was not aware of until later. Also thy sent me a picture of a prototype many months later and told me that this was mine. They had me sign for it and the appearance was like I requested four inches wide and eight inches long. I sent it back the papers in the mail which I signed, a month later they sen me the same picture and in the picture was a box next to the prototype and it said easy up pet waste vacuum. And a picture of my prototype was on the box. And the companies name was coastal pet products Inc. Then I waited about three months and started becoming suspicious because they kept delaying me for month after month and they would advise me about the purchase of my prototype.

I then took a flight to Pittsburg with my grandkids and proceeded to Davison and associates. Kurtis Charlton
And he called us into his lobby and asked us to wait. We waited for a prior of thirty minutes and then we were called in and showed us all of their inventions. They were on a rack going around the inside of the room on a conveyer belt.  The. He took us to show us my prototype. The device was round and looked like a duplicate of armor all vac. Which is sold in auto zone stores all over the united states I did not realize what was done. I later found thus all out on my own. Davison defrauded me and I knew I. But could not prove it at that time. Then we left Davison,  I had to sign papers to play along with their game many months later I contacted coastal pet products Inc. And contacted mr Bob Holt, he told me he's heard of my invention along time ago and had told Davison that he was not interested in my product. I began to get proof of their fraud at this time they were still insisting that coastal pet products were stilll interested. I knew I hda the proof I needed. Because they were still trying to say thy were still interested. When I confronted them they said they don't k ow what I'm talking about everything is on schedule, I explained to them I had contacted coastal pet products and Davison said I had no rights to call to them. And I complete my case on Davison and associates fraud Inc. Also I found out from the Bbb in Pittsburg pa that they defrauded 250 people that thy knew of so far through a sting operation labeled mouse trap in 1997.

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