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32 Sedona Sands Ln, Texas, United States

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BUYER BEWARE 2011 April 5, 2011
Sick Dog
I bought a puppy from this man and I noticed on the way home that the puppy had a scaly scalp and on it's belly were red marks. I called Mr. Mercer and told him and he stated that the puppy was healthy and that the marks were from the other puppies biting her. He told me that I should bathe her and it will be gone and to take her to the vet which I told him that I would the next day. And I asked him so can you guarantee me that this puppy is healthy and he said yes there is nothing wrong with this puppy she is healthy. So I took the puppy to the vet and was told by the dr. that it was obvious that the puppy was not healthy. I went ahead and paid the $100 for them to test her. The test showed that what she had was something transmissible to humans since all the other test was negative for the skin diseases that were not transmissable to humans. I called Mr. Mercer and told him that the puppy was sick and I wanted to take the puppy back and that my vet would call him or he can call my vet. Well his girlfriend called me back and got real defensive about the whole thing. So I gave her the vets number for her to cal. I recieved a call from my vet saying he spoke with the breeder and he was very agressive and hostile towards his tech before he even spoke with the vet. He said that the puppy was healthy and my vet stated that he sold this puppy to me knowing she was unhealthy. He denied denied denied. Long story short Mr. Mercer told me that I needed to resale the puppy becuase he wasnt going to take it back. HE IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY FROM THIS MAN!!! HE KNOWINGLY SOLD ME A SICK PUPPY!!

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