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Speaking Up May 11, 2011
Dating fraud
Dave Williams has a long history of creating many simultaneous online dating profiles stating he is divorced. He is not divorced, has not been separated, and still lives in Colorado with his wife and kids. He travels for business and this has made it easier for him to live in two places at once. He has lived in rentals in California, explaining that he lost everything in a bad divorce and is rebuilding his credit. He becomes close to the children, family and friends of the women he dates, all of them unsuspecting that he is a chronic liar and that his past and present are fabricated. Eventually these women have discovered he is married and lying. He shows no remorse or concern about the devastation he creates, and begins to accuse these women he scammed as being crazy or just out to ruin his life. His wife has been made aware and says that he has been doing this for years. She says no one in their community has any idea that he is anything other than a good Christian family man. He is 6'1 with dark hair and blue eyes, he will seem like the "perfect" boyfriend, humble and supportive, and becomes a large part of your life, with many good sounding reasons why he has limited friends in Ca. Please be aware of these facts if you meet him online. If one woman can be spared being scammed by Dave Williams then this notice would have been worthwhile.

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