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152 S. Sequoia, Florence, Alabama, 35360

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wholemkt101 October 26, 2012
Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment.
mamajob May 12, 2011
Cypress Creek Labradors, Paul Dunstan, Brandie Dunstan, Fraud, unqualified for services they advertise
Paul Dunstan and his wife Brandie Dunstan of Cypress Creek Labradors are posing as legitimate dog handlers, trainers & breeders of "Champion" Labrador Retrievers. Not only has Paul Dunstan never trained or handled a Champion Labrador Retriever, he has never bred a Champion Labrador Retriever. Don't trust your animal with someone who has no legitimate references and who hasn't been in this business for a decent amount of time. There are plenty of legitimate trainers and breeders who have been in the business for decades and they deserve your business because they have WORKED hard to establish their reputation. Don't ever trust someone who walks around field trials holding the pedigree of a dog (that they don't even own) and trying to sell pups! If it looks probably is! What man, in his mid-forties, starts a new career in a field that it takes YEARS to gain a strong reputation? What kind of "business" has a website that isn't accessible to the public? I thought the idea of a website was to attract people and "show your stuff" to the outside world. What is it exactly that you are trying to hide Paul Dunstan? If you are looking to have your retriever trained, there are plenty of legitimate trainers out there that have open websites and plenty of references that go back decades. Don't trust your animal to someone who has NO HISTORY in this business. I think that people that actually have field trial knowledge and hunting knowledge would know better because after talking with Paul Dunstan for 5 minutes, any person with this background will know that he has NO CLUE what he is talking about. Paul Dunstan is a run of the mill con artist and this is his latest gimick. Take a look at his legal record and you will see a sad trail of bad credit and being in contempt of court for not paying his child support. Don't go looking to sue Paul Dunstan because he has NO assets in his name! He's smart like that! He likes to "work" in positions where he doesn't have to report his that he doesn't have to pay his child support. I think this speaks a lot about his character, or lack there of. What father, no matter how much you "hate" your ex-wife, no matter how she "did you wrong", what father doesn't support his child? I will tell you this....a real father would go to work at McDonald's and have his wages garnished. Because a real father supports his child, no matter what. His young wife Brandie is the breadwinner in this family and I truly feel sorry for her because she has gotten herself mixed up with a professional manipulator and con artist who has problems with aggression and tells so many lies that he can't remember them all. Watch out Brandie! He's ruined your credit and once you get sick of his controlling, bi-polar, aggressive self, you won't get a penny! If I were you, I would haul it back to my mama and cut my losses now! Save yourself and your child. He's not worth it! Do you really want your child to grow up with Paul David as a role model? You are such a hard worker! I can tell you really want to make something of yourself! Don't you ever just look at your situation and think, "what am I doing here?", "why am I the one working so hard?" I feel for you! These people do not deserve your business. They don't have a history and they don't have legitimate references. Take your dog and your money to someone who has been training and breeding for a LONG TIME! Breeding and selling dogs with one reputable bloodline does not make you a "Champion" breeder and it doesn't make you a "Champion" trainer. I would be more careful with my advertising if I were you..... If I have to call every breeder and trainer in the country to warn them of you, I will. But, I don't think I will have to do that....I think this little "business" will fall apart, just like all of your many careers. Seriously! How many careers can one man have! What man starts over in his mid forties and says, "I think I'll start training and breeding hunting dogs!" Someone who is a con artist. Somone that is a very smooth talker and can make anyone believe anything....except me! He never knew I was onto him the whole time. In conclusion, I'll say that I believe in Karma. Whatever you put out in world, you get back....10 fold. I would be careful Paul David Dunstan, very careful.

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