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jacob23 May 29, 2011
Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza and Cristine R. Triumfo
To Dr. Patrick T. Azanza, Owner of Cosmotec College and Cristine R. Triumfo, COO Cosmotec College
Dear Sir/ Madam: What have my mother marilou sai and father william sai done to you both? My father only asked my mother to help out, and as a mother, wife, it is one of her duties and obligations to obey, to heed, to oblige. She only pleaded to you and even to Cristine R. Triumfo, about our father's remaining salaries last March 2011, (from feb 16, mar 16, 2011), she has heart ailment, and hypertensive stage 2 already. We need until now my dad's salaries, but they said we are on the same boat with a lot of your former ignored employees until now, so heaven bless all. He works to bring money to our family alone. Today, our family have read eeverything, even the accusations at that blog Cosmotec contact cnetre fraud, accusing our mother of conniving with your former IT guys! Do you really think she has the capacity to make that? At 47, this is the most ridiculous trial in our family, and knowing her she is not a back biter but will talk to you heart to heart. She will not back bite, she will talk to you in a mature way, the way Adults should. She will write to your email, will text you, and she will fight for the good of all, but never a traitor like that. She is a protective mother and wife even if She is sickly, and very busy as a full time housewife, she has retired from work for so many years now. Both our parents marilou and william are focusing on us, we are seven in the family. You don't care yeah, we understand. You don't have mercy? My father even at the end, even when he resigned with a heavy heart last March 31, 2011, and he was still thinking about you and the company. How come you accuse him and especially our mother? They said you are supposed to be nice? and you want us dead? By taking away his work, his job, by taking his chance to move on, you want his family dead, you want us to die with no hope of living and moving on in life? One of the values we learned from her is that When you take away a person's job, his life is taken away from him. That Work/ Job Is Life... ...And you let someOne to write in your behalf? Do you allow such ? My dad will never sabotage you and your company, maybe you have wrong decisions sir. Please, my mother begged you several times thru texts about my father's salaries before, and to no avail, because you ignored her. Even when she came face to face with you, mom and dad are one, they just wanted to verify when, when can you ever release our dad's salaries, as well as the others. When she was brought to your office by dad for moral support, last March 22, at that new office in cubao, your cosmotec college, she was actually hesitant to go but out of love, support for my father she went there late, and together my parents were so depressed at what happened..You both were informed also that My younger sibling's graduation was upcoming and my mom was already hypertensive, she regarded you as a friend and they both realized You don't care about him, his wife, his family. My mom told us all she will never again bother following up dad's work pay from that night on since even her pleading text for Cristine Triumfo, asking for help was ignored by her, and we were aware also because we know, we always do. They got home with some partial pay of salaries but We were all sleepless that night, and in the coming days, my dad asked all of us of our opinion, if he were to continue going to work without hopes of receiving full salaries. Which is very impossible for a family of seven, even if we have our little savings...Just that, lots of promises, but no salaries, and you expect we have a lot? You broke our hearts again for the Nth time Dr. Patrick Alain Azanza. Confused us up to this time, because We have doubts that you personally write such comments and complaints, because you are supposed to be respectable. If you are then, we beg you to ask this person, your assistant, your partner to stop maligning our parents. yeah, we are begging just like our mom when she begged for dad's salaries. Please don't tell he is abusive as you are the one who gave him and the other officers such salaries, and if your writer check out the salaries of senior officers in other companies, , it is just right sir. We, as teeners and young adults believe that your former employees will never write such nasty, filthy words about our parents, because, it is impossible. Most employees will mind their own business, working asses off to earn money for their respective families. And not only us, or my Mom can speak English, there are others who can speak better English, there are others who can write better English, that's why they are in the BPO, my mom isn't. She is past her prime and just with us now. It is really unbelievable sir. God Bless You and your family, we hope that all the nasty things that have been said about our aging parents will not victimize them as well. In behalf of my Family, my Mom Marilou, and my dad William, our hearts go out, to all the victims of these malicious words/ sentences, / write ups / allegations from the Cosmotec Contact Centre Fraud.

I hope your writer will realize that she/ he is not destroying my father and mother but she/ he is destroying Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza's name and reputation. God Bless You Always even if you keep hurting our family. You hurt our Mom Marilou and Dad William, You both Hurt us all, all Seven of Us. Is that righteous sir? We, all our friends and families, even the former students and colleagues of my Mom, and even my Dad's, who really know them inside out will vouch for their good character, and working hard for their five children. Even if it pains us all, we will try to live on and fulfill our goals, missions to help our parents.
jessie t. james May 4, 2011
Dr. patrick azanza
Dr. Patrick Azanza, also a "Professor of U.P., in an urgent General Assembly cosmotec contact centre meeting said, ""Even if all of you resign, I will pay on April 15."" So, everybody resigned but no payment of salary, SSS, Pagibig, Philhealth and Tax have been made.
Excuse me sir Agent Real CSI, The truth is, Dr. Patrick Azanza has no intention of paying his employees because he believes he can get away with it. Hellow? Calling all co-Call Center Agents and employees, file our class suit with the Department of Labor(DOLE), SSS, BIR, Philhealth and Pagibig. He always puts a threat to us but we are the aggrieved ones, so call them now and file our complaints. For email complaints, SSS: Member or call 9206401 or 9206446 SSS Bldg. East Avenue Diliman Quezon City
BIR: contact_us

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