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purist June 25, 2011
Cheating customers
Hi guys and girls. I just want to share you all my experience. Perhaps you can take some benefits from it. I went to a car repair shop at section 13, shah alam. This shop has a big orange/yellow "Continental" sign. Continental as you all already know is the famous German tyre company. The car repair shop name is CN Auto Air-Cond Accessories. The shop name sounds like an air-cond and accessories shop by they said their shop do car repairs, services and maintenance.

I didn't know this shop before and a guy who tow the car with his jeep who take the car here. The car's problem was it can't move. The shop owner said the problem was the gearbox and needed to be replace. The repair shop owner said the cost is RM1400 and it included labor, used gearbox and everything else. I bought 3 bottles of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid )and give it to the owner and asked him if he can give me discount because I bought it myself. Then he said the RM1400 was not including fluid. Before he said RM1400 is for the whole thing and the he said something else. You judge yourself. Then he told me to bought another one because the gearbox need 4 bottles. I bought another one. The one who repair the car was an Indian mechanic who worked there.

When I came to take the car, the Indian said that I need to buy another bottle. I asked him why, because the gearbox only needed 4 litre of ATF. He said that the ATF has dripped down. Then I bought another one. The Indian mechanic put the ATF into the gearbox while the engine was on and the fan blow the ATF onto the engine. I told him to pour the ATF into the gearbox while the engine is off. Then, I crouched to see the under the car and saw there was a lot of ATF on the floor. I thought the ATF on the floor is because of the mechanic spilled it. I went to pay and the mechanic that when you go home you'll see a lot of ATF on the floor and it would look like leaks but it is not leaks. It is just the ATF spills on the engine that dropped onto the ground. He told me to come back to wash the engine and there will be no ATF dripping on to the floor. I paid the bills and went back home.

The next day, I found out there was a lot of leaks of ATF on the floor. I thought it was fine because the mechanic told me it was only the spills dripping tho the ground. I didn't go back to the shop because I live far away from Shah Alam. I live at Damansara and it is about 20-30 kilometres from Shah Alam. And then after driving a few weeks it still leaks. Then one day on the way to some business the car speed cannot go above 20 km/h. The car was very slow. I took back the car to my home. By now I know the mechanic was lying. The gearbox was leaking ATF. The car repair shop owner bought for the car a faulty and lousy gearbox that leaks. Perhaps a cheap one. Perhaps the price is far lower than the RM1400.

I felt cheated made a claim at the consumer's tribunal. The tribunal president produced an award that the repair shop must tow the car back to the shop and fix the problem. In the award it is said that the shop must finish repairing the car in 7 days after the car is towed to the shop. The shop breached the ruling and took 11 working days and 16 days including holidays to finish repairing the car. I went there to take the car and when I want to drive back, I found out that the air-conditioning was not working. It is not blowing any air at all. It is not like the air it was blowing is not cold. The air-cond was not blowing air at all. Never happen to me before. I ask the shop owner why it is not working and he look as if try to repair it. And then he said he already want to close his shop and want to take workers home. He didn't want to repair and told me to come back tomorrow. As you know, the place is far away and the repair perhaps just took a few minutes.

I didn't go back because I know the shop owner damaged the air-conditioning on purpose. I went to another shop to repair and this time to an car air-cond repair shop. He checked the car air-conditioning system and he said that someone has replaced the car's blower motor with a damaged one. He said the blower motor must be replaced. I agreed and he replaced with a new blower motor for RM190. The work took a few minutes.

So guys and girls, avoid this car repair shop at section 13, Shah Alam. Tell your family members, friends and acquintance. Don't be a victim of this repair shop. Perhaps some who read this post are already customer of this repair shop. Do not go to this car repair shop. Do not be like me. You will be cheated and sorry. I am a very displeased by the treatment of this shop to its customers. If you still want to go to this repair shop and then got cheated, do not say that you have not been warned. Find other honest repair shops. It is hard to find nowadays but if you try you'll find one. Just don't go to this one. This repair shop has an headquarters at section 15 Shah Alam, at Jalan Tukul N 15/N. It has a big orange/yellow "Continental" sign. Also branches at section at section 9 Shah Alam and also at Cheras. The headquarters repair shop name is CN Auto Tyre Sdn Bhd. Some branches use the white 'Bridgestone' sign. The shop carries name CN at the front of it. Avoid these repair shops. I'm telling you this so you will not be like me. Save yourself. Do not tempt fate and do not risk your hard earned money. Do not be cheated. Avoid cheating car repair shops. Anyone who have been cheated before, please share your experience and mention the repair shop name so we can avoid it. Thank you for reading.

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