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Aurora Ave Petco, Seattle, Washington, United States

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MyLe2011 June 5, 2011
Manager not aware of policies
The store manager wasn't aware of the return policy (although he thought he was) and wouldn't listen to me when I said the other Petco nearby said I could return the item to their store - it was just a longer drive for me. He was rude, wouldn't look me in the eye, and then when my husband called to tell him that we contacted 3 other Petcos that would accept my "yellow receipt" he refused to get on the phone, and the employee refused to give us the manager's name!

I emailed customer relations in careful detail (with transaction numbers, dates, etc.) only to get a reply from somebody who clearly didn't understand THAT THE MANAGER WASN'T AWARE OF THE RETURN POLICY. The rep said my compaint would be forwarded to store management (um... probably the very same manager - what's the use in that?)

Finally I called customer relations and the lady I spoke with confirmed that ALL PETCO STORES have the SAME RETURN POLICY. Which I already knew, because my husband had already called around. We had driven to another Petco (way out of our way) where the manager issued my refund and confirmed that there is no reason I should have been denied a refund from the Aurora Petco.

I am done with the rude associates at this Petco, anyway, and am more than happy to take my business to Petsmart.

Just a few rude associate experiences I've had in the last 6 months at this Petco:
- When looking at flea powders, I was asked twice if I needed assistance. Finally, I accepted and the associate seemed inconvenienced.
- When requesting a specific feeder mouse, the associate sighed heavily because it meant he had to open the mouse cage RIGHT NEXT to the one he had open from a previous customer.
- When choosing the clippers, the associate snickered several times at the amount of time I was taking to compare two clippers. They were expensive, so I wanted to buy the best one for my money. He had to stay with me at the locked case, and he wasn't too happy. It took me 5 minutes to choose a clipper.
- When my snake passed away the night he ate a Petco rat, I called the manager SIMPLY to ask him to watch the mice for diarrhea (I used to be a veterinary microbiologist) he became very defensive and said they were healthy. I would have felt better had he said, "Thanks for the heads-up, I will monitor them closely."

That, my friends, is why I am done with Petco on Aurora. :)

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We will not be returning here for our next purchases. Very disappointed.
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