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Saudi Arabia

Citroen C4 1.6 Reviews

Artin M May 8, 2010
Gearbox defects - wolrse car ever
Dear All,

I bought a Citroen C4 1.6, model 2006 when I was living in Qatar 4 years ago. The car ran smoothly during the 1st 5, 000 Km, during which one time it was recalled for a software update by the agency. Then after started triping by returning the gear to safe mode. I took it to the agency and they said it requires a change of the valve body. I did the changes and then it happened that I must move to Saudi Arabia for a new opportunity. I shipped the car while it was 8, 000 Km on the metter. I used the car in Jeddah for another 2, 000 Km then again the car started triping whith the same problem. I took it to the agency in Saudi to check out and there they adviced me to change the gear. I agreed and paid in cash for a new gearbox. I drove the car for another 300 KM and the car trippied again. the transmission oil leaked out and the the timing belt of the engine defaulted. Now I have a car with 18, 000 Km siting at my parking bay. It requires changes and funds more than its real market value. Did Citroen made this car to run for almost 18, 000 KM. This is the worse car t0 buy ever.

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