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Birakishor Mahanta November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
As first-time plot buyers, we used to have a lot of questions and Mr.Baishanaba Charana Badu would always take the time to answer them in detail. He is super responsive to emails and phone calls. He was always well prepared for the showings with all the details .
Ambika prasad Das November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
Mr.Baishanaba Charana Badu was very knowledgeable about the property that was listed as well as finding out the values of the properties around it. Mr Baishanaba Charan Badu was very professional and punctual when working with me. I especially enjoyed her quick responses to our emails and phone calls.
Kartik chandra Sahu November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
We are first time land buyers and very little knowledge about the land buying process. Mr Muktikanta Badu is a very knowledgeable area & neighbor. Mr.Badu was very patient, answered all of our questions and with me in every step of buying process. It took long 6 months for finding a land in this very competitive market, but Mr Muktikanta Badu kept me positive & hopeful.
K.Vijaya Vani November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
Mr. Antaryami Badu has been just wonderful. I simply cannot say enough about how positive my experience was with Mr. Antaryami Badu. Incredibly knowledgeble, patient, easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping me find the right plot. I always felt at ease with Mr Badu. He went out of his way to assist me throughout the entire plot buying process and never made me feel pressured to make a decision – that was incredibly important to me as I was a first-time plot buyer and very unsure of what to do. He understands the market well and helped me secure the right plot at a time when it’s been so challenging for so many.
S.K. Rafique November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
We bought a new construction property from Citicon Engineers. Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu was very patient throughout the process. He took the time to explain the buying procedure for new construction Property. He gave me the valuable suggestions. I think that definitely gave me best deal. Not only this, but Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu had been a good advisor in terms of suggesting me. I think Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu is very honest and pushy. He gives his honest opinions and enables buyers to make the independent decisions. I think that is very important to me .
N.Nagamani November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
We recently bought a plot in Bhubaneswar from Citicon Engineers. We were first time plot buyers and had a lot of questions. Mr.Baishanaba Charana Badu was very patient with me throughout the process and was always available to answer our questions.
Priyambada Biswal November 14, 2018
Citicon Engineers
I had a very positive experience with Citicon Engineers. Mr. Muktikanta Badu was very knowledgeable about the real estate market and the neighbor in which I was buying my town land. He also helped me think through the right strategy for buying land.
Ambereswar Mohanty November 13, 2018
Citicon Engineers
Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu helped me buy our first plot. He was always professional and prompt to respond and he answered every question thoughtfully and thoroughly. I am very happy their Service.
Jadumani Behera November 13, 2018
Citicon Engineers
I purchased a land from Citicon Engineers in their PANDIAPADA project. My land has been registered in proper time. After a few days Mr.Baishnab Charan Badu gives me all documents.
Manojkumar Mohanty November 13, 2018
Citicon Engineers
I have purchased a plot in bhubaneswar from Citicon Engineers. I got the registration in a few days after purchasing. Thank you, Mr Muktikant Badu for helping me in proper time. Now all documents and papers of my plot are in my hand. Citicon engineers and their staffs are very fantastic, cooperative.


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