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seoteamx1 February 27, 2020
South Packers and Movers in Motihari |91-9471003741
I am grateful to the owner of this site which really shares this wonderful work of this site.That is actually great and useful information.I'm satisfied with just sharing this useful information with us. Please keep it up to date like this.Thank you for sharing.
Disturbed and Disappointed customer May 4, 2010
Irresponsible Service
This is about my very bad experience with Chennai Packers and Movers, which is totally unforgettable from a concern which advertises as "No Tension Shifting" firm.

To all those who read this review my humble request is PLEASE DON'T EVER TAKE THE DECISION OF GIVING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SHIFTING YOUR HOUSE WITH CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS as they will not keep up their words, and added to the situation you will be forced to the situation of accepting whatever work he does at whatever time he comes. Still not recovered from the lies that they told me to make me believe that they are nearing my house...

It was totally a horrible, nightmarish feeling, irresponsible and carelessness of Chennai Packers and Movers

From a very disturbed and disappointed customer.
Karthikeyan K April 21, 2010
I tried calling chennai packers and movers atleast 8 times for 2 days. If it was a landline number I got 'Number not in user' and if it was mobile phone it was either switched off or nobody would pick up.

Finally when I got through I got some one who is unfit to talk to customers. He was very rude. He was not even apologetic for not able to attend to a potential customer.

Thankgod I did not choose them !
Vijay822333 March 3, 2010
non arival of my byke
chennai packers and movers are one of the worst movers to trust, i have booked my byke to be transferd from chennai to bangalore, on weak back they said tthey will deliver it with 2 days . i am still waiting for that two days to come so that my byke will be deliverd and if I enquir about this with the company they say, u r asking as if u have booked 10 byke to be deliverd to bangalore, u byke is some whr on the way it will be deliverd when it reaches but the thing is I am getting the same answer from the all the days and they asked me to cal the bangalore and hosur but the thing is they didn’t have a clue whr the hell is my byke, so if your looking for a packers and movers company which will
1. Deliver ur goods on time .
2. Not damage ur goods .
3. Promnt answer about ur goods.
Then dont u ever dare to book chennai packers and movers, if do it then u will be hell in finding whr abouts of ur goods, so DON’T EVER BOOK CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS .

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