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okierebbe May 10, 2011
Mi-Ki Puppy
I purchased a Mi-Ki puppy from Cathy Payne in November 2009. While talking to Cathy waiting for the puppy to get old enough to come home, I was lead to believe I would be picking my puppy up at her house and able to see all her dogs. At the last minute she insisted that she meet me 1/2 way and would not allow me to see her home or dogs. When I got my puppy, she smelled of cigarette smoke, like a kennel dog, had fleas, and had a lot of tape worms crawling out of her anus onto me. I had to bathe her immediately when I got home and go to the vet the next day for tapeworm medication. Cathy denied EVER seeing ANY worms or fleas. I absolutely adore my puppy, but at 8 months of age, she began collapsing on the floor after running and playing for a few minutes. She developed a cough at 16 months and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure which is thought to be from a birth defect of unknown origin. She will probably die before or soon after her 2nd birthday. I have since learned that my puppy's sire came from a kennel with a bad reputation for selling unhealthy dogs. I have also learned that Cathy doesn't do any health screenings or DNA testing on her dogs which is necessary for a rare breed like the Mi-Ki. Cathy also doesn't register her puppies with the Mi-Ki registry as she says she does. I have caught her in multiple lies. She has said she will give me a replacement puppy, but since she doesn't return my phone calls or reply to my emails since hearing about my puppy's health problem, I have my doubts that she will ever have a puppy available for me. I'm not sure I want another of her puppy mill pets either. If you are considering buying from her, ask her about testing for eyes, hearts, and DNA. If her answer is NO, look elsewhere. Only if we get the word out and stop buying from these puppy mills can we put them out of business. And by the way, she charges just as much for her puppies as a reputable breeder charges.

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