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doctorZ May 4, 2011
Sick Dogs, and no refund!!!
Cathy Talik is a Fraud, Dishonest, and all she does is lie. she is selling sick Miniature Schnauzer dogs, and they are all infested with Ring Worm. I purchased a dog from her, i did not live in the same state so we only emailed, never did she say there was any thing wrong with the dog until she shipped it to me. the very same day i noticed somthing was wrong with the dog it had a runny nose and really bad runny eyes. I called her and she said it was just the way the breed was. that the eyes are always runny and that i just have to clean them every day or else the fluid runs into the dog nose and thats why the dog must have a runny nose and sneezing allot. well stupid me i believed her until more than 2 wks went by and I notice the dog not eating well, so we took it to the Vet, the Dr, was very upset with me and said that the dog had a very bad upper respiratory infection, and if left un treated it could develope into phnemonia, and that it was a viral infection that is commenly found in many dogs that are bording dog and the conditions are unsanitary and thats how the virus is spread, also he noticed the dog had several scabs on it and the hair was thinned out, I had asked Cathy previously about that when we first got the dog and she gave me the excuse that the dog was being kept in a pen with other older dog and that they just liked to play rough and the scabs were just from the scratching and biting from the other older dogs that might have been picking on it. Turns out the dog was infested with Ring Worm after they did a fungal culture, they had me giving him some oral medication, a special shampoo, twice a week i had to bathe the dog and let it soak for 10 min in that smelly shampoo, poor dog was trembling from the cold. the vet bill alone was over $600 the first time with x-rays, and blood work and all the other test they had to run. When I called her about it she denied ever knowing the dog was sick and it that it was my fault for spending so much money that i let the vet fool me into thinking the dog needed all that. Are you kidding me the dog would be dead if i had not taken him in and done all that. so dont every buy a dog from Cathy's Miniature Schnauzer House she refused to give me my money back for the dog or even take the dog back or even offer me a new dog, we love our dog and would not want to part with it any ways, but now we are stuck with paying a lot of money because the dog has chronic viral infections, they said he has Calici virus and that will always cause him to have a lower immune system and get upper respiratory infections for the rest of his life. Buyers be ware of this woman, she will talk all nice to you over the phone and email you and then when you get the dog home you will see what bad shape they are in.

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