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Category: Entertainment

Contact Information
126 N. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, California, United States

Phone number: 310-318-2499


Betty B Brown June 20, 2011
Surly Cur In A Skirt
ELLEN BROWN THE OWNER OF CATALINA COFFEE SHOP IS A DISASTER> NO GOOD> A TERRIBLE INSULTUNG LOCAL BUSINESS WOMAN . I was at Catalina Coffee Company working like I do almost everyday on my computer. Every visit I have lunch.. sometimes dinner.. Sometimes both. Every visit I am sure to enjoy a brownie. Also in several meet -up groups that do have bi-monthly get together at the Catalina Coffee Company and use the facilities. I also have several friends who come here on a daily basis. to use Catalina Coffee Company in Redondo Beach. Today the owner, a person named ELLEN BROWN came over to my table out of the blue and in a very insulting and degrading tone told me "I have to leave because I have stayed too long and have not spent enough money". I had a pitcher of water as i must stay hydrated due to a medical condition. She begrudged me my water. Its is against California law to deny water to anyone requesting it. How petty and mean!!! Let me remind you this is a coffee Internet cafe called Catalina Coffee Company in Redondo Beach, CA with no time limits posted anywhere. i paid to use the Internet service there. I was there meeting with another regular Catalina Coffee Company customer who frequents the place several times a day. He had just left when Ellen Brown of Catalina Company in Redondo Beach stomped up to me in a surly manner like ala "Sipowitz" style. I thought it was Randy Rhodes. It was very humiliating to be talked to in that manner since i spend 12 to 15 dollars every time. In one months time i spent over $270.00 . She, Ellen Brown of Catalina Coffee company is absolutely crass. Why is she clueless? She has never seen me since the place is usually operated by a very nice charming fellow who has excellent people skills. Something she totally lacks!! Many of the other customers overheard her talk to me in this abusive way and told me they too have been treated poorly in the exact same similar manner!!! One customer said we ignore Ellen Brown of Catalina Coffee Company as she is just a nasty insulting cur. Another mentioned how nice Catalina Coffee Company was the month Ellen Brown was in the hospital. What kind of a person are you when everyone is happy you are in the hospital?!?!
I made several phone calls to my regular friends who frequent Catalina Coffee Company owned by Ellen Brown and they confirmed that she is not a welcome presence at the Catalina Coffee Company which she herself owns. They also overheard her talking to me in such a abrasive and unprofessional loud tone. Catalina Coffee Company is usually run by the charming manager who is a gentleman. I cant imagine this place being open 2 days without his expertise and finesse.
Ellen Brown, of Catalina Coffee Company is a determent to her own business. Ellen Brown of Catalina Coffee Company should know better then to treat a frequent or a even single visiting customer coarsely. Treat one customer respectfully and they may return: Treat one disrespectfully and as rude as she did me they tell the world! It spreads like a rash, its viral.


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