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Carrington, England|Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Cargo Overseas Limited April 14, 2011
Aggressive behaviour
This Riding school advertises itself as a friendly place to visit suitable for all ages. I approached the riding school out of the adjoining DaneWell woods directly onto their car park with my 10 and 12 year old child. We stopped at the entrance to the car-park, being unfamiliar with the area. We saw one of the staff coning out of the house and so I called across to her to see if i was able to cut through as I wasn't sure if their was a trail leading back to the Trans-Pennine trail which their riding school borders.

She told me we were on private land and we had to leave immediately, It was 12pm on a Thursday and the car-park was reasonably full with children and adults in the car park. She then called for somebody to bring the guard dog in order to chase us, a family out of their car park, not exactly the actions of a friendly riding school and both my children were very frightened.

We passed Woodcote Equastrian on the way back down the pennine trail and have done on several occasions without incident and on that bike ride we got off our bikes twice to allow horses to pass un-hindered as a responsible adult with 2 children would. The attitude of the person at this school was disgraceful to say the least.

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