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Houston, Texas, United States

Phone number: 713-485-0253, 800-503-0589

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ScammedGirl91 June 13, 2011
Psychic Scam
This woman is a horrible human being. She told me she could get me and my ex boyfriend back together. At first, she told me there was a lot of darkness that was causing a blockage and that she was able to remove it. She said there was a $2OO "one time fee" for the removal as well as a "money back guarantee". I sent her the money and she told me he will call me in 3 days. He did (although it had more to do with law of attraction but whatever) so I was like OMG THIS LADY IS TRULY GIFTED. NOT. Then she said to finish this spell, she needed me to sleep on 12 hundred dollar bills and that this money was not to spend but to absorb the energy. I told her I had to get the money from my mom since I didn't have that kind of money. She didn't care, obviously. I slept on the money and the next day she told me I had to send her the money and she would send it back in 2 hours and that I could "trust" her. Ha, what a joke. Afterwards, she told me she needed $4oo more because there was too much negativity. I did. I asked for my money back (the 1, 200) and she kept making up stupid excuses. SHE EVEN SAID THE NEGATIVITY WAS SO STRONG SHE WAS SENT TO THE HOSPITAL! lol. Anyways, she asked for $400 more dollars. After paying that last fee, I was over it. This woman isn't psychic, I lied to her and told her me and my ex were back together so this scumbag will give me my money back since I got IN REALLY BAD TROUBLE with my mom for losing her money. I never told her I was scammed by this disgusting human being, it's too embarrassing! I kept calling her asking for my money, "next week", "next month". A year later, still no money, or man. I realized this man wasn't for me and I decided to move on, as I should've done instead of calling this stupid lady. She is a phony and gives cold readings, not real ones. One day, Carrie will need money and she will be in great need of it and she won't be able to get it. I have faith in Karma and I know that someone who would play with human emotions like this is rotten inside and I feel bad for her. She has kids and it makes me wonder how she looks at them in the eye and raises them to be good human beings. But it's okay Carrie Pines, I'm sure God is watching you and I hope the next time you dare to say "God Bless You" flesh eating worms devour your anus.

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