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Mary Grace won April 28, 2011
repair car
To: Honda Dealer Owner(Quezon Ave)
The Manager Service Department
The Service Technician

Thru: Ms. Ada (Insurance Coordinator)
From: Won Language Institute
Subject: NOM 597 History
March 18, 2011 = Accident day, deposit the damaged car.
March 21, 2011 = Fax the Mafre some documents
March 23, 24, 25, 2011 = inform us that need to send again drivers license
March 29, 2011 = send the copy
April 2, 2011 = Inspection of Mafre Insurance (1st time)
April 4, 2011 = informed us that there is another inspection for the hidden parts (why is so very delayed)
= After 2-3 days start working / repair
April 11, 2011 = supposed to be inspection of Mafre
April 12, 2011 = Mafre / Insurance did not inspect
April 13, 2011 = All don't kbnow if Mafre wil inspect or not.
1. GMA - Why for a month just only papers works or documents
2. Passenger seat person during accident time did undergo medical records just to faster the police that time for the immediate processing of insurance.
3. GMA advise us to deposit our car to their authorized auto center but we did not agree for the reason that WE BELIEVE THE QAULITY SERVICE OF HONDA.
April 14, 2011 = They inform us that Mafre Insurance already inspect the car
April 15, 2011 = Inform us that already order the parts.
April 18, 2011 = we call Honda Laguna Plant, talk with Ms. Carla. She told us that She will be going to call the Quezon Ave. Dealer to facilitate us,
April 19, 2011 = Follow up Honda Quezon Ave two times with in the day but parts not yet come.
April 20, 2011 = Early morning Call Mr. Elmer Samonte check it the parts arrived or not, but he said not yet, but he said he will follow.
= after 10 minutes he call and I call him also he said parts already there the shock absorber. He said they will start working the repair on this day.

1. Why is it that it takes alomost more than a monthfor the start of repair.
2. Its seems that Employee Servicemanship
#MS. Ada, the Insurance Coordinator why is it that always on leave, and its takes the delayed of papers transmittal to insurance company, that we call the insurance company they said there still some papers that may come from Ms. Ada, that was three (3) weeks more delay. April 1, 2011 that was afternoon time we went to Honda Quezon Ave, she's not there, she's on leave. The second time we went to please help us we will meet and ask them what's the status of the repair why is it the transmittal is so slow. After a week still not yet approved the LOA. We call insurance Mapfre that they will inspect Thursday,
We does call the Main Plant of Honda in Laguna for our aegerness of the repair.
# Elmer Samonte : April 15, 2011, we feel that he is Honda Owner or Government President style, because he said give him 2 or 3 weeks for the repair.
#April 1, 2011: Ground Service area another side
#April 15, 2011 : Fourth Floor the car transfer
3. My good friend secretary call Honda Laguna Plant to double check the parts, and told us they will call on your branch dealer. Why is it your branch don't have the parts and can not start the repair.
4. Before GMA NETWORK advise us to transfer OUR CAR to their authorized Auto Center but we refuse, that what we said we believe for the QUALITY SERVICE OF HONDA.
5. But we can not understand for ther delayed (that Quezon Ave Dealer told us that the Car was been Assemble in Laguna Plant Only.. and also they told us that even though has it tragic damaged it could not affect Philippines Parts, because of some parts can be here only or in Thailand.)
6. My friend advice us that Wheel problem if not done by Honda Service maybe after a year or fast driving if not repair in Honda service may caused a problem, , so we choose Honda for the Good and Excellent work.
7. We do hope for the immediate repair of our car for this is been used for our daily business transaction.
8. April 25, 2011 (Monday) the supervisor said that the some parts already arrived and they will finish after 2 to 3 days. So we expect that after 2 days (wednesday) we check they said not yet tomorow. By Thursday we call again they said again tomorrow. Always tomorrow. Why they always hoping us.?

Please answer our letter or what comment or sudggestions
at this e-mail and

Thank you very much

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