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Staten Island, New York, United States

Phone number: 347-733-2241

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Amanda Pagan May 27, 2011
Bull Terrier with Congenital Problem
I, Amanda Pagan and my boyfriend Alberto Quezada, were interested in purchasing a Bull Terrier Puppy. We searched online and came across a website bulldogsnewyork.com. I then called the number on the website 347-733-2241. I reached a voicemail and a lady named Kim Blume called me back. We scheduled an appointment to go see the puppies they had on Thursday May 5th, 2011.

On Thursday May 5th, 2011, we headed to Kim’s house located at Staten Island, N.Y. We went inside she had us take off our shoes and we went to see the puppies. She had two male puppies and two female puppies. The two female puppies were in separate cages and the two male puppies were in the same cage together. At first we told Kim, the breeder, we were interested in purchasing a tan puppy so we played with the male puppy who was tan in color. Then we noticed there was a female there who was very outgoing and feisty and happy and she caught our attention. The breeder asked if we wanted to see the female, we said yes, so she took the white female puppy out. We played with the white female puppy for about fifteen minutes. Then we discussed the prices with the breeder. Both females were priced at $1700. The males were priced at $1600. We were a little shocked because on the phone she told us the puppies were priced from $1200 and up so we didn’t expect the prices to be that high. The breeder asked what was a decent price for us and we told her $1300 is the best we can do. So the breeder said let me call my uncle since he is the breeder and she just sells the dogs which seemed normal to me since on the bulldogsnewyork.com website it says IVAN’S PUPPIES. She comes back in about two minutes later and says her uncle can do $1400 for the male but there’s no negotiating on the females $1700 is the price. We really wanted a female but we settled with the male at $1400. We put down a $300 cash deposit and signed a contract for the male. We left her house and that evening we couldn’t get our mind off the female. We talked at home and decided to call Kim back, so I called her back and some other lady picked up the phone and told us that she was Kim’s Aunt and she would have Kim call me, Amanda, back. Kim called me back and I explained to her we wanted the female instead of the male. Kim said no problem with our $300 deposit she will keep the dog at her place for 10 days and we can come pick up the dog when we are ready with the rest of the cash of now $1700 for the female.

On Saturday May 7th, 2011 I went with my cousin Stephanie Medina back to Kim’s house in Staten Island, N.Y. to see the female once again and give Kim another $200 toward the puppy, So in total we gave Kim $500 deposit and still owed her $1200 towards the puppy. While at Kim’s house on this day we played with the puppy for about 20 minutes and she looked fine to me but I wasn’t looking for abnormalities because I’m not a doctor or don’t know what a puppy is suppose to look like since this was my first time puppy shopping. I figured the way she was walking was a normal puppy thing.

On Thursday May 12th, 2011 my boyfriend and I went to pick up the puppy I signed the final contract and headed home with the puppy. On the ride home the puppy sat in my lap and then at home we let her walk around the floor we noticed she was walking funny, but once again thought nothing of it because we figured it was a normal puppy thing. Our friends and family came over and pointed out to us they realized she was walking funny as well with her hips popping out. We let it go one more day figuring she was just getting used to walking since she was caged at the breeders house most of the time. Also we noticed she had scar marks on her body.

On Friday May 13th, 2011 we had noticed she was actually limping on her left leg. After contemplating about contacting the breeder so late at night I was very worried and decided it was necessary so at that time it was already 12:25 AM on Saturday May 14th, 2011 I told the breeder we had brought the puppy home and noticed she was walking funny like something was wrong with her legs through text message. I told the breeder Kim she was walking like she has bad hips, and Kim said if she was limping she may have gotten hurt and I told her ever since we brought her home we noticed the leg problems more and more and she said some puppies can look a little bulk legged and not to worry unless it seems like the puppy was in pain. Kim stated the puppy’s hips and everything has been checked out already and is fine. I told her we will be taking the puppy to the vet Saturday to get her checked out ourselves.

On the evening of Saturday May 14th, 2011 we brought the puppy to the vet and our vet said this puppy is no good take her back to the breeder. So we left the vet and contacted Kim she said our vet has no idea what he was talking about that the puppy was fine and 90% of puppies walk like that and it was normal. We argued back and forth and she said if I wasn’t happy we could return the puppy and get another puppy instead. I said okay, how do we go about doing that, she said first for us to take the puppy to HER vet that her and her uncle use and have been using for years that we can get x-rays to prove the puppy is okay and her uncle will pay for everything. So Kim told me to drive out to Howard Beach Animal Clinic 163-11 Cross Bay Boulevard, Howard Beach NY 11414. She told us we specifically have to see Steven R Weinstein, D.V.M. that he was the best doctor there. At this point we wanted to just drive out there and see any doctor available because we wanted to resolve this issue.

On Sunday May 15th, 2011 we drove out to the vet Kim told us to go to. Dr. Erin T. Kulick took a look at the puppy and said something is definitely wrong but she wanted a second opinion so she called in Dr. Nicole R. Peta and she came in and agreed something was wrong, together they thought it could be the knee or the hip, I asked if it was congenital they said x-rays need to be taken for them to tell what the exact problem is. Once we mentioned it was “Ivan’s puppies” they said Dr. Weinstein has to be the one to take a look at her and figure out the problem. They told us to leave the puppy over night and in the morning she would be given anesthesia and they would do the x-rays and call us after they figured out the problem. I also asked where the scars on the puppy came from and the Doctors told me that she got them from playing with other puppies. On our way home I called Kim told her what happened and she said we shouldn’t have left the puppy there over night I told her the Doctors at the vet told us to and she told me to call her when we got the results.

On May 16th, 2011 in the afternoon Dr. Weinstein called me and told me in his opinion it was a bone fracture and he was going to put a cast on her and once the puppy heals she will be okay. He also said he could not write me a written guarantee on his findings. So I spoke with the breeder Kim and she said she would call the doctor, once she did she called me back and said he would write a written guarantee. We then proceeded to NY to pick up the puppy and once we got there I asked for a copy of the x-rays and a written guarantee. I was given a copy of the x-rays but he said he couldn’t write me any letter because it was just his opinion that it was a bone fracture but he didn’t do a diagnosis. My boyfriend asked Dr. Weinstein if in 6 months will the dog have a problem with the leg and he told my boyfriend the come back and see me in 6 months. Also he stated to us for us not to think himself, Dr. Weinstein was lying to us because he does business with the breeder. After we left the NY vet we went back to our vet which is Summit Animal Clinic 3130 Summit Ave. Union City, NJ 07087. We showed our vet the x-rays that Dr. Weinstein took and our vet Dr. Carlos Triana stated the x-rays were no good to just pick the dog back to the breeder. We contacted the breeder and she told us our vet needs to give a diagnosis an actual medical term for what the dog has. Even though her own vet wouldn’t give a diagnosis. She told my boyfriend to go ahead and spend all the money he wants with vet bills as the breeder would no longer cover for anything. We drove back to our vet and he told us to come back the next morning and he would take his own x-rays.

On May 17th, 2011 we went our vet Dr. Carlos Triana. He took his own x-rays and sent them to a x-ray specialist to get a diagnosis. He sent the X-rays to Dave Kunz, DVM, Dip. ACVR located in Clackamas, OR 97015.

On May 18th, 2011 we called our vet Dr. Carlos Triana and he told us to come in so he can give us the puppies x-ray results. We got to the vet and he gave us a written report from the x-ray specialists stating the puppy has Osteochondral defect. Our vet said she sold us a dog with problems and that is illegal to do. We call the breeder and tell her we got a diagnosis and she insist we still have to take it up with her own vet in N.Y. and if he disagrees with the findings they will not give us our money back or exchange for a different puppy. In our contract it says we can go to any licensed veterinarian and it doesn’t have to be HER own vet she chooses. My boyfriend got on the phone and spoke to her and she said to him Amanda signed the contract so I only want to speak with her. She said to me I need to go to her own vet and she will not extend the 1 week health guarantee even though we received a diagnosis it’s still not good enough for her. Since her own vet told her and Ivan who actually breeds the dogs he feels it’s just a bone fracture. She then told me I need to speak to her uncle who breeds the dogs because she no longer wants to be apart of the arguments. Once I looked again at my contract from the puppy I realized Kim’s name is all over the contract her uncle isn’t stated anywhere. She has a man named Mike called me from a private number and say he is her uncle. When I asked who is Mike? He said I am Mike, Kim’s uncle, I told him I thought the breeder’s name was Ivan he said maybe Ivan is her other uncle I don’t know who Ivan is. I told Kim that I only want to speak to her because he name is on the contracts. So this is between her and I.

At this point this is where it ended off she is refusing to help me and telling me that I have to go to her vet on Friday when by Friday the 1 week health guarantee is expired. I gave her everything she wanted and she is still fighting me saying the dog has a bone fracture which happened with me even though her own vet told me she had the dogs playing in a cage and that’s when she received her scars.

On Friday May 20th, 2011 we went to her vet Dr. Weinstein in Queens. He took the cast off the puppy and said he doesn’t know what is wrong, he said anyone can see she’s limping but he couldn’t guarantee me that this puppy will be okay in the future. He went outside the room and left one of the other helpers in the room with us while he “made a phone call to Ivan the breeder”. The vet came back inside and told us the Breeder will exchange the puppy for us. He also told us he can’t say if he ever had seen this specific puppy. That Ivan comes in with the puppies in a crate and he checks them over and tells Ivan which puppies he can sell. Once outside I called Kim on the phone and she told me if I could hold onto the puppy for a few days and come back Monday at 7pm with the dog and our documents and we can pick out a new puppy. She said her uncle will bring new puppies to her house or we can drive out to Long Island. At this point if we are going to get a new puppy from Kim I want medical records and a health certificate to see for myself the puppy has been checked out by a new vet. If not, I want my money back.

Over the next few days Kim kept telling me that they had new puppies coming in on Monday. Monday turns into Tuesday May 24th, 2011. Once I get to her house she asks me for all my research. My vets x-rays and the Diagnosis Report. Kim also takes the puppy away from me that had the leg problem. My father Jose Pagan and friend Alberto Suarez went with me to Kim’s House. I noticed there’s a man and lady there with Kim but at first they don’t say much. I checked out the puppies there and there was only one new puppy which was a boy! I told Kim I only want a girl and the girl she had there was one I had seen at her house before and she knew I didn’t like that female dog. I told her I want in writing that in 3 weeks when new puppies come in she will exchange the dog for us we can pick out a new puppy. After waiting a while for her uncle to call she went into the living room and asked the lady what she should write down for me to say she will give me a new puppy in 3 weeks. Kim and the lady at her house kept attacking me saying they didn’t sell me a puppy with problems and I hurt the puppy or someone at my house hurt the puppy that since the puppy is hurt I just want to give it back. Which is so untrue that puppy we brought it home and noticed something was wrong right away. I never hurt that puppy! Nor did anyone in my house! We finally left Kim’s house with a letter in writing stating I will get to choose a new puppy in 3 weeks.

I woke up to a phone call from Kim On Wednesday May 25th, 2011. Kim told me they had the dog looked over by an orthopedic and the dog was injured and that my vet got the diagnosis of a congenital problem to cover his own ass? Those were her words exactly. I’m not friends with my own vet so why would he risk his license to give me a diagnosis? Anyhow, Kim went on to say that we hurt the dog (I WOULD NEVER HURT A DOG!!!) and that her uncle his willing to give us $1200 cash back even though we paid $1700. On the contract it states no cash refunds under any circumstances! So if they felt I hurt the dog why would they offer me cash back? Kim said either you take the cash back or wait 3 weeks to look at the new dogs we have coming in. I asked Kim that I want to see copies of the Orthopedic and the dog surgery the dog need she told me she will NOT release anything to me. So I don’t even know if they really gave the dog surgery or put the dog to sleep? We decided to take the cash and be done with these people. We met Kim in Staten Island at a notary republic and she wrote up a letter saying she’s giving me cash back and she owed nothing us to me and wanted me to sign it in front of a notary republic. We went to a store called one hour photo located at 1650 Richmond Ave in Staten Island. The notary republic told Kim we both have to sign since both our names are stated in the note. So I gave my Identification and Kim stated she didn’t have Identification even though she was driving? She said she keeps her fingers crossed she doesn’t get pulled over. The notary republic refused to notarize anything till we both showed identification. Kim went home told us to wait there while she tried to find identification. When she came back she said she couldn’t find anything so she got into our car outside the store gave me the $1200 cash and had me just sign a letter nothing notarized.

This whole process was heartbreaking, frustrating, and costly! We spent money in vet bills, tolls, gas, and lost $500 from these people! Was I the first person to have a problem with the family from bulldogsnewyork.com? Maybe. We feel we have been scammed and it’s so sad! I can’t believe there are people out there who do this to innocent people. We did everything these people ever asked from us and got screwed in return. I hope my story helps someone in the future and this never happens to anyone again.

Every day of the rest of my life I will be wondering what happened to the beautiful puppy and wishing I could afford to give her the surgery she needed and not have had to give her back to those people. Thank you Ivan’s Puppies, Kim Blue, and bulldogsnewyork.com for putting me through this and living a scar on me forever.

Check online for pointers on picking out good breeders and which ones not to trust.

Never trust a breeder who pushes a certain vet on you, the chances of the vet and breeder being in business together are very high since they both profit out of the scam!

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