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Consumers have rights July 5, 2014
Illegal Control of Enterprise-Monopoly
The College is a money monopoly illegal enterprise. Invest in community college if you know whats good for you.
Donna Elizabeth Fiore July 15, 2011
Falsifiying Award. inappropriate treatment. False Degree Audit. Change Of Program. 11,000 Dollar increase in total cost of tuition within 5 months
I started at brown Mackie college of Phoenix on 11-30-2009; since I started I have been on the DEANs list and PRESIDENTS list and received a CLASSIC CITIZEN award. I never missed not one single day of school in 14 months, until I was Forced to sit out a month (WILLFUL OBSTRUCTION OF LEARNING) due to the College Surgical Tech Administrator and Head of the Department telling me, "Donna you are going to have to sit out in February 2011 because no one is teaching that class next month and it is no longer a required class to take as credits for your associates degree in surgical technology" I said well put me in a class I need I said back. I don’t want to sit out... She returned with well you are one month ahead of everyone so they have to catch up to you. I said BUT I DONT WANT TO SIT OUT. She said there is really nothing I can do so she walks me to the financial aid Department tells Patti (The Financial aid supervisor) that I need to sit out next month and then she walks away and leaves me with Patti. I said Patti I don’t want to sit out, and I am Very upset I wanted to have perfect attendance through my whole academic career. She said ok you can leave now. So I was dumb founded. So I went to Patrick who works at the registrar’s office and I asked him, what is the next class you have me scheduled for? And he said Pharmacy for the surgical technologist. I said thank you and let. But I was even dumber Founded and totally confused at the fact that I received a phone a phone call about two weeks later from an admissions rep that says Donna I need you to come in and sign a new enrollment agreement. I said WHAT?? WHY? She added well you’re no longer enrolled here at brown Mackie Phx and if you want to start your class in two weeks you need to re-enroll. I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK. I never dropped out I had my next class scheduled I was so upset. My now PERFECT ATTENDANCE and DEANS LITS was ruined. I made a name for myself at Brown Mackie and everyone who works there knows me. I went back to the college and I looked at the enrollment agreement and I noticed it said a little over 33, 000 as the cost for attendance. I said this is CRAZY it was originally paying 24, 000 now I have to pay 33, 000 she said well if you want to start class in two weeks.. So I felt like I had no choice because I never wanted to take off a month. She also said I need you to fill out this form why you dropped out of school. I SAID I NEVER DROPPED OUT I WAS FORCED TO SIT OUT SO PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT. She said well go ahead and fill this paper out anyway I need to put it in your file cause you are on probation it’s a standard thing that has to do with financial aid when you drop out.. I was pissed here i have this new lady talking down to me like I was a loser cause she thinks I dropped out. NOT CORRECT!!! FORCED TO WITHDRAW! I went to financial aid and all my aid was messed up now and i had to fill out a new award they charged me for the class i didn’t take but after three months of bitching they finally gave me a refund but only for the class and fee not for the book charges. two days later I’m in class and financial aid want to see me so I leave class and Carol said I need you to sign this award I said I did with Patti the other day. Carol said well its wrong so sign this so i did and I went back to class with my copy and i noticed she was trying to rake out a Parent plus loan out on me when I am an independent student. So i went back said I want that original copy I signed, you can’t take a parent loan out on me. She gave me the biggest attitude. I said have the CORRECT award letter a new one and I will come back next break, I went back and told her I will review the new one but I need to get back to class. I will look this one over and bring it back. She said I WILL JUST HAVE YOU PULLED OUT OF CLASS LITERALLY YELLING AT ME WITH THE BIGGEST ATTITUDE, I SAID GO AHEAD BUT RIGHT NOW I AM MISSING OUT ON LEARNING BECAUSE OF YOUR MISTAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE. So on my next break I took my friend tiffany with me to see carol and she was still being rude to me in front of tiffany. I said please don’t get an attitude with me because of the mistakes you made... Tiffany could not believe the nerve of carol treating me that way. I also noticed when I got on my student portal to check my degree audit there were two separate DIFFERENT Degree audits. I was devastated my PERFECT WORLD I had created for myself had been crushed by these people that seemed like they no longer cared about me and my accomplishments of perfect attendance and my G.P.A of 3.69 which now on the portal said 2.80. I didn’t understand what the college had done to my little green progress line to see what I had left till I graduated. I went an spoke to Patrick in registrar, he said I have nothing to do with the portal, talk to bonnie, so I went to bonnie she said you need to log on to the new portal, I said what new portal and she told me. The new portal had no degree audit, and if i wanted to check my financial aid or account summery I had to click in the new portal that took me to the old one... I started having an issue and concerns with the student portal because it said i attempted 4 credits on one portion of the portal and the class was listed as unsuccessful attempt... and then I went to the other degree audit and it said I had changed programs... WHICH I NEVER DID... and it had a different class listed as credits taken credits unsuccessful... for two months I was putting tickets in to talk to someone higher up and I didn’t get much response other than a revolving door. I’m about to rip my hair out cause no one seems to think anything is wrong with my portal. I finally put a complaint into AZ Department of Post-Secondary Education and the President of the school called me and I went to talk to her and told her ALL the issues but I really didn’t get to far other then her apologizing ALOT for everyone at the college. She commented on how detail I am even over people that worked under her. She finally saw my side and realized I was having several problems. But the college and everyone down there have driven me to the point that I don’t even care. They willfully held me from learning they willfully forced me to ruin my 14 months perfect attendance, and my dean’s list. Not to mention I had Pell grant money returned to dept. of education. I feel sabotaged, after all the hard work I put into Brown Mackie Phx I feel they were willfully obstructing me and holding me back in every imaginable way possible :( I was under the understand I was half time cause i took 8 credits in the term but they said I needed to take all 12. Something is not right with what everyone is doing or should I say lack thereof...

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