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Crystal B1979 July 7, 2011
False information regarding accredidation
I hope their are other in Phoenix that have or had the same problem and also this is a advise to other people wanting to attend the school...I'm from the Phoenix Location of Brown Mackie College...I have been at the school since Dec 2010. Since the time I wanked through the door I have been lied t0. I was told that the school was accredited and i would have no problem transfering my credit to another school. I understand transfering of credit would be my General Courses such as Eng, math etc..the other classes are up to the other schools descretion. What I was not told was the Brown Mackie College of Phoenix is only National not Regional, which when i signed up I was told they had both. I have talked to other schools and universities about this and they told me "sorry we cant use your credits"... My plan and goal was to finish my BS with Brown Mackie and then transfer to ASU Law. I now have a set back of 1 year because they did not disclose this information to me, nor did they disclose that when startesd even though I asked if their Accredidation was in good standing, they did not have accredidation in Dec and recieved their accrediation Jan 2011. Im tried of these schools not telling the truth so we all register with them so they can recieve the thousands of dollars and we become indebut with a degree that is useless. Im thinking of bring a class action together in Phoenix. What you think?

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