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September 26, 2011
I know I need a lawyer because a friend at the Social Security office told me that it was soo so hard to win without one. But, he told me that binder and binder arent even a law firm. I should have talked to him before I hired them. BINDER AND BINDER WASTED TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE AND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. DO NOT FALL TRAP TO THESE PEOPLE WHO ARENT EVEN A LAW FIRM. THEY ARE OWNED BY SOME BIG HOLDING COMPANY IN MIAMI. I WARN YOU STAY AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM THESE CROOKS.
Julia Fox June 7, 2011
Binder and Binder allowed me to ask a few questions at a time and them abruptly terminated the calls. I collected the documents that won my case. The agreed to a fee for a lesser amount, but have refused to refund the difference.
JeffWarren February 8, 2011
Binder and Binder are the biggest joke for a law firm in the world. The judges do not like them and my judge made a joke abou them. I saw many attorneys who were local and the judge jokied and chated with them but when the Binder gal came his face changed. The person they sent to the hearing was not even a lawyer.

Binder wears a hat like he is some good old boy when he is really a native new yorker. These two guys have ripped off many many people. other people I kn ow and sometimes they just send a letter to the judge and do not even want a hearing. (dont want to come that far.)

Get a local lawyer. DO NOT GET BINDER AND BINDER.
Alan November 30, 2010
You were reading a complaint about Binder and Binder.

Filing a new complaint about
Binder and Binder's advertisement says there is no fee until we win your case to collect Social Security.

That coulldnt be farther from the truth.

I HAD to stop them from continuing because I could afford them anymore.


Couldnt afford it.


I would receive letters and phone calls saying they needed a check for $30 here and $50 there because this is what the hospitals require...etc.

Their "free" service does not include photo copy fees, medical record fees and any other fee that it takes to work on your case.

I actually fell for this for the first 2 years.

I would get letters asking for money BEFORE they would continue.

I called and was told that the percentage they get if they win your Social Security does NOT include fees needed for the paperwork to get to that point.

YOU as the consumer have to pay for that.

After several hundred dollars I had to stop them from going any further. I was giving up groceries to go even this far.

It's a total rip off.
Miss_elle October 14, 2010
Cold hearted and rude
I just got off the phone with Binder and Binder. I was on hold for an extremely long period of time and when I finally did get someone to initiate my consultation it started out fine. The woman didn't sound thrilled to speak with me but I ignored that. By the time I got off the phone with her I was in tears. She was cold and rude (not what they advertise that's for sure) and accused me of giving her incorrect dates. I almost hung up on her just a few minutes into the consultation but decided to wait it out and see. By the time the consultation was finished and I hung up the phone I had decided that I do not want Binder and Binder to represent me. Horrible, heartless lawyers.
fergiesgrl67 March 29, 2010
Horrible Lawyers, Can't do the job!
I initially signed on with Binder and Binder in 2005 after I signed up for Social Security Disability, and was denied. I moved to North Carolina with my Husband who had just gotten stationed there. That's when I thought I would need help from Lawyers to file for an appeal. I had a great case worker to start with, and after 5 months of sending file after file, and record after record. Constantly updating them on my Medical Status which was cut and dry. Mind you I am already 100% Unemployable through the Veterans Administration, so how hard can it be to get me approved right? WRONG!! These Brain Children passed my file from one dope to another! No one could give me an answer as to what was going on, and no one could keep my file in their hands for longer than 2 months before it was on someone else's desk! I got more and more frustrated as time dragged on. I actually got a letter that the Social Security Department needed me to sign and send back in for me to get a trial, and I was informed that since it didn't come from Binder and Binder NOT to sign it, and wait. So now October of 07 passes, and THEN they want me to sign it!! It's passed the due date so now I have to start from scratch all over again! I am stuck with hundreds of dollars in medical records, and over a 1000 bucks spent to send off the said paperwork and to pay for the constant copies, and I so far have gotten NO WHERE!!! Mind you also that at one point, they assigned my case to their local Raliegh NC Office, and when I called to find out what was going on, the idiot on the other end of the line acted like I was disrupting her entire day, and I shouldn't have wasted my time! You got that right... Mysteriously overnight, my file was shipped BACK to NY, where Mr Binder HIMSELF was now working my case... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Right! I still got absolutely no where! I lost my so called appeal, my other case had gone stagnant. I was so angry that I fired them. They had the Balls to tell me I OWED THEM 75.00 to get back my Medical Records back, after all the money I put into it to do MY part to do their job! Binder and Binder sucks. They cannot do their job. They give you a false sense of hope, and make you think they can help you. I have heard many more stories such as this, one even going back 7 years! Really 7 years to get something approved?? DO NOT TRUST THEM!! I got the letter for my appeal in the mail, and what do you know, I went by myself to fight for my appeal, and I got it! The Judge that handled my case was fair, and stern. Regardless, I got my own benefits! There is one thing that is scaring me though, and that is, Binder and Binder, even after Firing them, still had their name on my case. I am waiting for the back pay to see if any of it will go to them, and if it does, I am going to sue for that and all the time they lost for me! Trust yourself and go to court on your own for an appeal. It's easy. Just be honest and answer the questions that they Judge asks of you. If I can do it, anyone can...
GarR33 December 7, 2009
I won a settlement with social security with Binder & Binder. Almost two years afterward social security contacted me and said I was overpaid by over $6, 000. I contacted Binder & Binder since they were the ones who represented me and asked for help. They said if I contact them within a year for overpayment they could represent me but they were not responsible or liable to help afetr a year. The problem here is that Social Security did not contact me for almost two years after I won my case. Binder and Binder abandoned me and now I have to find a way to pay Social Security over $6, 000 or I won't be able to collect Social Security after I retire. This means I have not only been left out in the cold by Binder and Binder but will also be by Social Security after I retire. It goes without saying my money has been gone for some time and I cannot pay this back.
Star October 8, 2009
Thrown out like trash
In 2004 I hired Binder & Binder to handle my disability case. They claimed to be the #1 best Social security disability advocates. make a very long story short 3 years later my hearing was finally here. The reason for the 3 year delay was due to the fact Binder & Binder was not sending my doctors reports. I was told they wouldn't send anything that would hinder my case. Instead they just held it up. When I found that out I sent my records directly to social security dept. With in 3 weeks I had a hearing date. One week before my hearing date I received a phone call from BINDER & BINDER ... THEY WERE DROPPING MY CASE !!! I was told I would not win my case. They hung me out to dry !! I have a written letter from them saying they would not continue my case.
Although the out come for me was great... I won the case. I am receiving SS disability and I DONT OWE BINDER AND BINDER A DIME.

For any one who needs to file for ss disability... trust me you can do it yourself.

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