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AcuMom May 28, 2011
A program that promises much and delivers little.
My son spend 5 years on the waiting list for a Big Brother (He NEVER got one). BBBSA didn't even bother to keep in touch and update us on the progress (or lack of).

When boys sign up, the get them excited about the program to the point that they expect a knight in shing armor to arrive any day, only that knight doesn't always come and someone's child gets his heart broken.

5 years later BBBSA finally explained that there is a shortage of of male volunteers and it can take ages to get a child a Big Brother (if they ever get one at all). Ummm, anyone else see the flaw in waiting 5 years to mention this? Maybe the intake interview would have been a good time?

Sadly, based on a recent email from BBBSCFL, the reality is that my son's experience with BBBS is the most likely scenario for any boy entering the program and that the odds of being paired are only slightly better than winning the lottery. What this tells me is that the program is on the verge of extinction because it's difficult to maintain a program that promises so much and delivers so little.

When I look at the BBBS website it offers great hope and promise, but it's a little like false advertising because what it should inform the reader is that only a lucky few will get to receive the benefits of the program.

I understand there is a volunteer shortage, but it's a little like a car dealership offering a free car to anyone who applies, but is really only giving away a few on rare occasions. A lot of people are going to feel wronged and in this situation it's children who are suffering.

As much as I wanted to believe in this program, it seems there is little hope for a boy to actually get a Big Brother these days. When the topic comes up I will continue to share my story, for it is the only experience I have with BBBS. I don't know what else to do five years of waiting with little communication isn't hopeful. I'm certainly not going to send anyone else to the car dealership to sign up for a free car I know they'll never receive.

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