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Dnellay November 2, 2019
Thanks to Dr Onobun
I can't believe I got my ex back to me. with the help of Dr onobun spell I had read some stuff about Dr. Onobun how he help people restore there marriage or relationship before i message him on WhatsApp he said he will help me bring him back to me I never wanted to believe him because of what I went through of those fake people who claims to be a spell caster but i didn't know that all those stuff I read about Onobun were so real and accurate until i got my ex back, after asking for my picture and my husband picture After getting my ex back i taught it wise to share my testimony with every one on this website who are heath broken and they need solution to there problem I know most people will not believe this testimony because of those fake people online who claims to be a spell caster well am telling the world now there are still real and truthful spell caster and Dr onobun is one of the best and true spell caster contact Dr onobun your problem will be solved like mine Dr onobun is real and truthful spell caster that rebuild any broken relationship or marriage with love spell. Do feel free to Contact Dr.onobun via email: ( ).or WhatsApp him on+2348140443360 he the solution to your problem and predicament TRY AND SEE and thank me later
ColoradoSpringsLiz September 10, 2010
Ashra Love Spells is a Fraud!
I have spent some time talking to who I believe is Ashra the master, award winning, 100% guarantee, spell caster under several different profiles. I may be wrong but even if I am, it prompted me to do some research and I believe that I have discovered enough common sense “evidence” to prove that "Ashra", the person that specializes in love spells, is a total and absolute FRAUD!

Anyone that's paid attention to this site in the Ashra Fraud discussion over the last few weeks has seen the sheer nonsense that's gone on. While all this was going on in the foreground, clues kept getting slipped that led me to investigate further.

Now many have wondered why I would care enough to bother. Questioned whether I had a life of my own to focus on? Answer: yes, yes I do. A very busy one at that! I've got 3 kids (2 at the age of 7) and 2 grand children. A husband, friends, a blooming art/writing career to focus on and many other things I won't bother listing.

But this really bothered me! The more I thought about it, the more "wrong" it felt. As mentioned above, had I not been provoked, I may have just said my peace on a subject I feel strongly about and moved on. But nonetheless I was provoked and after some PM convos and open forum discussions even more was revealed to me, I saw a picture that was clearly wrong, so I started digging.

I have tried on many occasions to council this person that I believe I’ve been dealing with as Ashra, that love spells are wrong. That charging people to perform love spells is wrong! (And many other topics of discussion in this general area.) Did I try to change her mind and make her see the errors of her ways? You betcha! Was I successful in making her see she was harming others and herself in the process. NOPE! So I decided to instead lay out all the information that I came across. You decided what’s right for you and now I can sleep better because my work here is done. I hope! Lol

** Since posting this review in the original Ashra Fraud complaint a post by the goodatheart profile that claims to be a good “friend” of Ashras has now threatened to commit suicide if I continue posting my reviews and thoughts on the matter. I have been openly and privately been urging this person to seek professional mental help and it is cleared documented in the open forum discussion. I cannot hold myself responsible for anyone’s actions but I will NOT allow my right to my opinion and to freely speak this opinion publicly, be held hostage this way either. This goes for anyone out there that is contemplating suicide. If you or anyone you know, ever contemplates or has spoken of taking such an extreme action, there are places that can help. Please google mental health professionals in your area. If you feel that you are in real danger or know of someone that’s in real danger call 911 or their local emergency services**

But if you want an idea of why I felt the need to take this to the public, please follow this link and you can see for yourself. Many of the previous profiles (pole harlet and very scorned to name a couple) have been deleted but you can tell by the corresponding posts a general idea of what was previously said. I will not be held responsible for this persons actions and feel even more strongly now, than ever, if this person has any kind of contact with the public (especially the broken hearted) they need to be put out of business (or in a padded room!)

As a note to Ashra: if you are really THAT disturbed as to threaten suicide, if you are publically exposed as a charlatan, then please, I’m BEGGING you, please go get some help! If the person that has set themselves up as your champion is really not in fact you, Ashra and you read this, you have a problem on your hands and need to know that this person is the reason why I felt the need to “investigate” your claims of being a legitimate, master, award winning, verified spell caster. If I am wrong about you I will be more than happy to retract my claims and publically apologize! The evidence I would need to retract my claims that you are not a fraud would be many, many different video testimonials of satisfied customers (lets say 10% of your satisfied positive testimonials). I would need to see video of you performing these spells, (with the various timestamps attached to the client that posted the positive testimonials publically) I would need to see your stock pile of supplies and tools you use to perform these spells, as you have said that the money you take is not for profit but to pay for “tools and supplies”. I do not believe that I’m asking for unreasonable things. I am not doing this because I have a competing website. I am not doing this as a disgruntled client. I am doing this because I am a concerned citizen! And I’m not the only one! There are several people out there that are requesting the same sort of proof that you are legitimate!

So anyways, I'm not going to take everyone through a complete step by step on all the things that I discovered but I will give you all a condensed walk through. I’m not trying to make up anyone’s mind for them or push people around, as I’ve been accused of. I’m not trying to control anyone or subvert anyones free will. I simply am a concerned citizen of the human race seeing some skeevt things that are being done to people who don’t know better by people who should know better! I’ve layed out what I’ve discovered, the things that seem “off” for me. As always, people need to make up their own minds! So see for yourself what I've seen and then be your own judge! Then if you STILL wish to use her “services”, that’s on you.

Now I didn’t want the originating complaint to be a book. So the rest will be posted below as the first post on page 1. If you don’t wish to read further, I HIGHLY urge that you do your own research before you give her your credit card information (that goes for any online service these days!)

The following are the websites that were a part of my research:

The link to the google search itself:, 18167, 23320, 24999, 25901, 26446, 26515&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=ashra+love+spells&cp=8&pf=p&sclient=psy&rlz=1R2GGLL_en&aq=f&aqi=g4g-o1&aql=&oq=ashra+lo&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=74cb239d2754d6f

Remember, if someone has left you, if a relationship has gone sour. If you are alone and wish to change that, there are many ways that you can fix these issues in your life. You can seek counseling to help you deal with your emotions of loss, anger, denial and grief. You can join a dating service. You can take the time and effort to try and discover what went wrong, learn from the mistakes and apply them in your next relationship. This is life folks. Even though I’m a full believer if the metaphysical world and have been exploring that spiritual path myself for a very long time, there are NO magic wands, spells, potions, incantations that you can do, use or pay someone to do or use, to make someone love you without subverting their free will and because our free will is the most precious gift we as human beings have, more than likely the spell you just did or paid someone to do on your behalf WILL NOT WORK!

If you find yourself considering using ANY spell caster, online or in person, for the purpose of generating or retrieving love in your life, you will be throwing away good money!

All this is just my opinion and not meant to substituted for any legal, mental or other professional help.

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