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AppleJack Chihuahuas Reviews June 5, 2011
Brandie Selsor
So when I first went looking for a second Chi to add to my family I came across Brandie who has a Chihuahua breeding program under AppleJack Chihuahuas. I met with her and put down a deposit for a planned litter. She told my boyfriend that her dogs are between $1500 and $2000. I though that this was a lot since I was not asking for full AKC reg, but I really thought that Brandie would not only be my dog breeder, but a great mentor and friend.
I agreed to send her $150 every other week until the pup was paid for and since the dogs were not due to be delivered for months, this gave me plenty of time. When the pups were born Brandie sent me 1 pic. That would be the only photos I ever saw of that litter. She sent me emails asking if I sent money. I never got any health updates or anymore pics after countless emails asking for them.
I wanted a female. There were 3 in this litter and 1 male. Brandie emailed me one day to let me know that the females were charting to be at least 7lbs and she worded it "the perfect size for breed." I was pretty taken aback because not only was she keeping all the females, she never even mentioned to me that she was even thinking of keeping one. She then offered me an older female for $1450.
I did not want an older dog though. When I visited Brandie's home all her dogs were barking. Typical Chis, but i have spent countless house to break my dogs of bad habits like barking and peeing only outside and not on pee pee pads. I did not want to have to break another dog of this. I was expecting a 10 week old puppy.
Brandie then told me I could have a female, she would choose the female and I would need to pay $2200. She gave me 1 week to pay. When we first met Brandie my boyfriend asked what would make a dog $1500 and $2000. He is much better with money then I am. Brandie told us that if a pup was small and needed round the clock care, the price would go up. She had kept telling me these females were going to be around 7lbs so I didn't think anything of the price. I wish she had told me when the pups were born what the price would be. I had tried to reach Brandie for 2 weeks. She never returned an email or phone call and when she did she acted surprised that I had not sent her any money. Why would I? I did not want a 6 months old dog, I did not want to pay $2200 for a pup that I was unable to even pick myself, ect.
My boyfriend and I told Brandie we could not come up with $1300 (we had already given her $900) in one week. She said she would give us back our money, but would need to sell the pups first. Weeks went by and I never heard from her. I finally emailed her asking about the money. She emailed me back and said I hadn't been sending her money??? So I emailed her again saying that perhaps there was a misunderstanding, but she promised us our money back. She didn't return a phone call or email for at least a month.
When I finally got a hold of her she said she never told us she would give us our money back. She offered me the same female for $1800. She wanted the $1300 in one week or we couldn't have the pup, but she had the same pup 6 weeks later? We agreed that I would put the money towards a new pup in an upcoming litter.
She never notified me when the litter was born. I had to email her again. She told me there were no females in this litter and I was so mad that she did not have the courtesy to call or email me and let me know. So we did not speak for another few months. I recently got intouch with her and tried to resolve it before I resort to bringing her to court. I no longer want a female as I acquired a show prospect from a reputable breeder. She is not willing to give me my money back so I would have to take a pup so I asked for a male.
She told me her sc male was $1800. I friend I know emailed her and asked about the same dog and she said he was $1100. She also have a lc male she quoted me $1600 for, but quoted my friend $800. When I called Brandie out on this she made up some lie about having older males. I am just tired of the lies. I am tired of being out $900. I am tired of emailing her and the aggravation. I just want her to stop and I am at my wits end. Now she won't email me back at all. I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for a pup that is not even champion sired and that will come with no papers. I don't know what to do anymore. I just know I am tired of being lied to and taken for a fool.

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