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Animal Health Clinic Dr. Kevin Smith DVM Reviews

Robyn April 12, 2011
Negligence, Malpractice
I have used Dr. Kevin Smith for 20 years and they used to be wonderful. They just do not care anymore. They killed 4 of my Doberman puppies by first exposing them to Parvo because they did not follow proper procedures and then they treated them with expired medicine. This medicine had expired in Feb 2004. That means they gave them medicine that was over 4 years out of Date. I was in and out of the clinic several times over a 2 week period because they were trying to treat the puppies that they had given Parvo to and not once did they have me come in the back door. Instead they let me sit in the waiting room with my dieing puppies while other clients had their pets in the waiting room as well. These Clients had no idea their pets were also being exposed to the deadly disease. At one point after I noticed that one of my sick puppies had left a Parvo smeared paw print on the door I sit in my car to watch and see if they would clean up after me and they never did. While I was watching 2 other clients walked through that same door with their puppies. I wondered how many puppies have to die before they start to care? 2 hours later when I took another sick puppy in they had still never cleaned off the door. I asked the Vet on call about it and he said " I don't know why we don't clean, It is a Bio Hazard. You need to talk to Dr. Smith about that. After leaving several messages for Kevin to call me back I was finally able to talk to Kevin Smith about it. He told me that he knows they did a lot of things wrong but then he told me that my puppies were not worth much and he was shocked that I thought they were. I have nothing but imported Dobermans and all have nothing but Champion lines. I think it is so sad because it doesn't matter if they were mix breeds or Champion Dogs, we loved each and every one of them. We miss our babies and he didn't care enough to return my call. This matter as been turned over to the Mississippi Board Of Vet medicine because it is against the federal Animal Welfare acts to give expired medicine.

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